3 October, 2014 06:47

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SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that there is no pressure on PPPP Larkana is a city of everybody and any political party can have a public meeting here. He said that Sindh is a stronghold of PPPP but PTI can reach to anti PPPP voters.

He said that to create awareness about polio should also be part of the “Go Nawaz Go” campaign.

He said that PPPP avoided popular politics and supported PML-N for the sake of the democracy.

He said that the contempt of court case against Gillani was wrong and so is the case against Nawaz Sharif for telling the lie in the parliament. He said that Imran Khan should understand that politicians should not give their matters in the hands of the judges.

TARIQ AZEEM OF PML-N said that according to PML-N survey before the lections the voters of PPPP in Punjab was five to seven percent. He said that it was a matter of great surprise to see the complete wipe out of PPPP in the elections in Punjab. He said that 187 cases of polio have been discovered in Punjab and that is alarming for the government. He said that it is so surprising that in the cities like Gujranwala and Karachi people did not let polio workers do their work.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI said that PPPP has no other way but to support Imran Khan demands. He said that it is possible that PPPP may support PTI mid term elections demand in their public meeting on 18th of October.

HAROON RASHEED JOURNALIST said that the plan of the marchers was to over take PM office in three days. He said that our politicians do not know their basic duties and they never have any plan B. He said that Imran, Qadri, Sheikh Rasheed, Ch brothers and MI 6 all were part of the plan to take over PM house. He said that everybody had their own separate plan. He said that Imran Khan was not intentionally the part of the plan of MI 6. He said that MI 6 knew that there is unrest in Pakistan and tried to take the advantage of it. He said that Nawaz Sharif can not do anything he just visits America Muree or anyplace else and behave like the king of Saudi Arabia.

IRFAN QADIR FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL said that there similarities between the case of contempt of court against Gillani and the case of telling the lie against Nawaz Sharif. He said that the SC should summon the notice to Nawaz Sharif to prove its impartiality. He said that he has no hope of justice in the presence of Justice Jawad Khawaja. He said that two cases of PTI are sitting in the SC but are still waiting for hearings. He said that the SC was so swift to hear the cases against PPPP.