14 October, 2014 06:57

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CH SHUJJAT HUSSAIN OF PML-Q said that the government called joint session of the parliament against sit in but not against Indian aggression at the borders.

He said that the military soldier is first time upset with the attitude of the government. He said that the soldier is sad because of the talks to try Musharaf under article six and calling him traitor.

He said that the sit in and protests are right of the people our military is neither against nor in the favor of the sit in. He said that if the military does not create any hurdle in something it means they are in the favor of that gesture. He said that the sit in are harmful and productive at the same time they have created awareness in the people of Pakistan.

He said that the elections should be held every three years instead of five. He said that the family politics should also be banned in the election’s reforms.

He said that had Nawaz Sharif condemned the Model Town tragedy and asked CM of Punjab to resign the situation was not going to get worst.

He said that Nawaz Sharif first asked the army chief to help in mediation but later on he turned around. He said that there is nothing wrong if the military helps to resolve sit in problem. He said that the country is suffering because of the sit in and the military as well.

He said that a committee of the political parties should be formed for election reforms the parliament cannot do the job.

He said that he will advise to Pervez Musharaf to wait it is not the right time for him to be active in the politics yet.

TAHIR UL QADRI OF PAT said that he is supports the suggestion of Ch Shujjat to call the joint session of the parliament against India aggression. He said that our PM should retort against Modi statement against Pakistan in the same manner. He said that the government should let the world know about India aggression and contact with friendly countries.

He said that the military should be neutral and the time has proves that military is not supporting the sit in.

He said that he is going to take his revolutionary message to every household and be ready for the elections any time they are called.

AMIR DOGAR INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE NA 149 MULTAN said that he is hopeful to win the elections by the virtue of the prayers of his constituency’s sisters, mothers and the youth. He said that there is no problem of security in Multan it is a peaceful city. He said that is affiliated with PPPP from his father’s time but now sees ZA Bhutto in the personality of Imran Khan.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that the fate of the nations does not change in the months it takes some time. He said that PTI core committee has decided that the momentum of the people should not be diminished. He said that he believes that there is not much time left for the government and PTI will stay firm on its stance.

JUSTICE TARIQ MAHMOOD said that after the turn around of the government on its statement against the military there was no point left for them to play their role as mediator. He said that Imran Khan has done a great job but now he should stop and the Nawaz Sharif should act wisely. He said that Nawaz Sharif should understand that if he will not perform he will not get another opportunity. He said that the government should go to the parliament for election’s reforms.