16 January, 2015 07:08

Khawaja Asif in Nadeem Malik Live - 15th January 2015http://www.awaztoday.tv/News-Talk-Shows/75892/Khawaja-Asif-in-Nadeem-Malik-Live-15th-January-2015.aspx






KHAWAJA MOHAMMAD ASIF OF PML-N said that as much civil military consensus is present at this moment was never before. He said that civil military consensus is a fruit of democracy of last seven years in the country.

He said that an element of respect exists in Pakistan and American relationship at this moment. He said that there is little bit deficit of confidence between the two countries and it will gradually get better.

He said that Pakistan and Afghanistan have mutual interest to fight against terrorism. He said that India provide help to TTP and Baloch separates through Afghanistan. He said that Baloch separates travel to India and we have proof of it.

He said that Pakistan has deployed 172000 soldiers at western border right now. He said that India wants to make us realize that we are vulnerable but we will hit very strongly with the grace of Allah.

He said that the benefits of the freedom of the judiciary have not reached at the lower level courts. He said that the judges are getting the salaries three times than the parliamentarians and the ministers. He said that the demand to provide stern justice has been intensified after the APC.

He said that it is not right to paint all the Madrassas with same brush. He said that 1.6 million children are getting education at Madrassas and they are the biggest NGO.

He said that changing the look is not going to be enough a person should change himself from inside. He said that we can sacrifice our lives for the respect of the Prophet (PBUH ) but we should obey his Sunnah and the commandments of the Quran as well.

He said that he does not asks to make payments on priority to any IPP neither he interfere to withhold, it is a wrong accusation.

He said that we are going through a crisis right now the full supply of the electricity will start by the end of the January. He said that the situation will improve in next two to three months after the import of the LNG. He said that no gas problem will remain next winter season and gas supply will not going to be an issue next year.

He said that first time Pakistan and Afghanistan are fighting against the terrorism together and 2015 will be a year of peace for Pakistan Insha Allah.