27 January, 2015 06:18

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ABID SHER ALI OF PML-N said that there is law and order issue in Balochistan the transmission line was exterminated from there. He said that his government takes the responsibility of the power breakdown. He said that load shedding duration in the cities is five to six as compare to the villages from eight to nine hours. He said that the government is trying that it should not increase anymore that it is right now. He said that the government is trying to keep the industry load shedding free.

He said that Sindh owe to the power sector 100 billion rupees and he invited many times to Mr. Murad of Sindh government but there is no response. He said that the government has installed a system that now on there will be no breakdown in the whole country but only one section. He said that Karachi is enjoying highest subsidy in the country and that is up to 60 billion rupees. He said that KESC is producing 2400 MW electricity as compare to its consumption which 2000 MW.

He said that the terminal for LPG has been constructed in Karachi. He said that Babar Awan is a corrupt man he caused damages to the country of 100 billion rupees and his case has been referred to NAB by SC.

He said that a pact has been signed with China to supply 3500 MW electricity to Pakistan. He said that this year up to the month of May 1500 to 2000 MW more electricity will be transfused into the system.

He said that up to 2017 there will be no more load shedding in the country.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that as long the root cause of the electricity problem will not be addressed we can not get rid of this problem. He said that the country is being run by one family and there relatives and this not the way to go. He said that there is no merit in the country.

NISAR KHORRO OF PPPP said that we have requested many times that let us sit down and resolve the issues of dues with Sindh government. He said that the duration of the load shedding should be reduced and not be increased. He said that if KESC is producing 2400 MW as compare to the consumption of 2000 MW then why 650 MW electricity supply agreement to Karachi was signed. He said if the electricity prices can come down the KESC should be nationalized.

He said that PPPP and PML-N both remained in the government in the country and are responsible for power shortage.