29 January, 2015 08:35

Nadeem Malik Live (MQM Aur PPP Iak Bar Phir Amnay Samnay) – 28th January 2015http://www.zemtv.com/2015/01/28/nadeem-malik-live-mqm-aur-ppp-iak-bar-phir-amnay-samnay-28th-january-2015/






WASEEM AKHTER OF MQM said that since the Karachi operation has begun 36 MQM workers have been killed in extra judicial killing. He said that the establishment and the agencies created the division in MQM and they confessed it too. He said that now if someone tries to divide MQM he is kicked out of the party and we make it public. He said that Sohail of MQM lost his life during the torture. He said that Saeed Chawla of PPPP had open meeting with the people and Sohail asked him some straight questions there. He said that Saeed Chawla friends threatened him to face the consequences and next day they kidnapped him. He said that law and order agencies and Sindh government are involved in the killing of Sohail.

He said that he supports the statement of Altaf Hussain to impose martial law in the country because his party workers are losing their lives. He said that the kind of democracy we have in the country should go to the hell.

He said that there are TTP people in Karachi civil government can not fight with them let the military handle them.

He said that whatever happened with Ahmed Chinoy in Karachi he changed his statement on it. He said that Ahmed Chinoy was afraid and under the pressure of the agency.

He said that PPPP authorized one of the leaders of Layari gang to recruit the people in Sindh police.

He said that Sindh is the only province where even Dacoits protested that the police get extortion for them.

He said that he supports to expel political recruited people form Sindh police.

LATIF KHOSA OF PPPP said that Karachi situation is very complex and without any reason every murder is blamed on the government. He said that there is division in MQM and it also has a military wing. He said that to say that Sohail was picked by agency people in simple clothes is just an illusion.

He said that are safe heavens for the terrorists in Punjab. He said that PML-N got the power in Punjab with the support of the terrorist organizations. He said that SC has stated many times that Punjab police is servant of the state and not of the government.

TARIQ AZEEM OF PML-N said that we have not reached to the bottom yet that who is working behind the target killers. He said that law and order is a provincial matter and PPPP government is responsible for it. He said that if the civilian set up could not control the situation in Karachi then the military can be deployed. He said that if the military is deployed in Karachi it will be under the article of the constitution 245. He said that according to a survey 45% of Sindh police are convicted criminals.