26 February, 2015 06:30

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SHEIKH WAQAS AKRAM OF PML-N said that he got approval foe the university in Jhang from the government. He said that the university in Jhang will increase the literacy rate and will defeat the extremism. He said that we need to be vocal against terrorism and let them know that we are in majority.

He said that many dangerous people of different organizations are being monitored and lots of them have been arrested as well. He said that after the terrorism incidents in the recent past we are only left with option and that is fighting. He said that this impression is not right that only military is dealing with terrorism civil government is also active.

UMER CHEEMA OF PTI said that the foreign consulates are used to be closed even before the terrorism threat but the government needs to beef up their security. He said that first time in last twelve years a plan against terrorism is being worked upon. He said that NECTA is not active as yet soon as we will have another act of terrorism demands will be made to make it effective.

He said that Imran Khan was reiterating from the beginning that we can not defeat terrorism with the gun only. He said that today Washington and Afghanistan are having dialogues with Taliban. He said that PTI has the point of view from day one to have dialogues with Taliban that are willing to talk but rest should be dealt with force.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that after the Peshawar school tragedy everyday some school is getting terrorism threat. He said that as long the terrorists are present in the country the security can not be confirmed completely. He said that if the performance of the Sindh government will be judged on the bases of terrorism and situation in Karachi then no province will come out clean. He said that the performance of the Sindh government is better than others no other province has taken as many steps against terrorism as Sindh government.

He said that our agencies have the modern technology but they are not properly trained to use it. He said that we all should support the government against terrorism and the government should also not take the wrong steps. He said that after six months fruitless dialogues with Taliban the PM was expected to announce the launching of operation against them in national assembly but he did not take the decision. He said that Imran Khan also stated that if he had the authority he was not going to let our military to fight against Taliban in tribal areas.

He said that he believes that if the action against terrorists is not taken now we might never get this opportunity again.