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ISHAQ DAR OF PML-N said that he will congratulate to every citizen on Pakistan day. He said that it was a full fledge ceremony of Pakistan day about thirty thousand people participated in it. He said that operation Zarb-e-Azb is going successfully and operation against terrorists is underway in North Wazirastan as well. He said that rupees eighty billion are needed to repatriate the tribal people back to their homes.

He said all political parties supported Karachi operation and was decided that across the board operation will be launched. He said that if MQM leadership is not involved in any crime then they do not have to be worried about the allegations of Solat Mirza.

He said that PTI presented its suggestions on judicial commission on 30 of December and all of them were accepted except for three points. He said that the PM will take into the confidence to all parliamentary parties on PTI suggestions tomorrow. He said that a memorandum with PTI will be signed till Friday. He said that PML-N will fine tune the suggestions of PTI and then will contact them.

He said that the new secretary election commission will be appointed after the consultation with PTI.

He said that PML-N hands are clean and have not done anything wrong or illegal in the elections.

He said that PML-N wants to move forward on democracy, economy and terrorism in consultation with PTI.

He said that new elections will be held in 2018.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that success in operation against terrorism is being gained and it should continue in this manner.

He said that CM Sindh is the incharge of apex committee but is showing his irrelevance on the raid on 90. He said that Solat Mirza allegations should be investigated and no persecution should be done to anybody.

He said that the atmosphere in 2013 elections was not favorable but still numerous people voted in the favor of PTI. He said that the two largest parties of Sindh have done nothing for the people and now they are looking towards PTI as alternate.

He said that we lose and gain in the negotiations and we gained a lot in talks with PML-N. He said that it is the first time in Pakistan that the complaints about election are going to be probed. He said that all the material about rigging in elections will be shared with the judicial commission. He said that PTI never had any intention to harm democracy it is not now and will never be. He said that had PTI not protested the parliamentary committee on election complaints was never going to be formed. He said that PTI will consider its decision to go back to the parliament after the judicial commission is formed. He said that to form judicial commission is purely a decision of two political parties. He said that the judicial commission will have the powers of the SC and can punish somebody on hindering its process. He said that all parliament parties have also given their nod on the agreement between PTI and PML-N. He said that judicial commission will investigate that the laws of holding elections were followed or not. He said that we will accept the decision of the judicial commission. He said that we have our apprehensions confirmed on the evidence we have seen on the election rigging though. He said that the next elections depends on the decision of judicial commission if the rigging is proved will be held in 2015 otherwise 2018.