1 April, 2015 06:24

Nadeem Malik Live - 31st March 2015http://www.zemtv.com/2015/03/31/nadeem-malik-live-mqm-kay-saathi-aur-pti-kay-khelari-aamnay-samnay-31st-march-2015/






ASAD UMER OF PTI said that he learned from party sources and the media that what happened to Imran Ismail was regretful. He said that Imran Ismail was hit with baton and his car was smashed. He said that we are not afraid and will compete adequately. He said that he thinks if MQM workers are arrested because of the incident happened today they will use it as an excuse to boycott the election.

He said that he has strong objection on MQM “Victim Card” because they are always been part of the government. He said that Urdu speaking and Bohary people cast the maximum votes for PTI in the last elections.

He said that no political party should be targeted in the contrast of the operation but no criminal should be spared regardless of the political affiliation.

He said that whoever wins the election in Karachi but the competition will be comparative.

SHEIKH WAQAS AKRAM OF PML-N said that he condemns the attack on Imran Ismail car and PML-N is against the violence. He said that PTI should understand that the atmosphere is not going to change just by their competing in the election but every political party has to pitch in.

He said that in his opinion NA-246 is not going to be remained peaceful anything can happen on the day of election. He said that MQM wants to give this impression that despite of the operation in Karachi they still can contest the election in their usual way and have not been weakened.

He said that the government has no intention to wipe out MQM from Karachi. He said that the government and the institutions want to clean Karachi from the criminals and this will be done precisely. He said that he will request to both of the parties to stay calm and do not instigate their workers.

SHARJEEL MEMON OF PPPP said that today incident is lamenting Imran Khan has right to hold jalsa anywhere and Sindh government will provide him required security. He said that if the incident like today happens again the government will take the action IG police called to PTI leaders on today’s incident. He said that PTI leaders should register FIR on today’s incident Sindh government will take action on it. He said that the sympathies are with the victim and with oppressor and action will be taken against MQM violence.

He said that the federal government is sanctioning the extension in the hanging date of Solat Mirza and he has no information about it.

He said that Karachi operation is not against MQM and Urdu speaking people. He said that the rangers have conducted maximum operation in Layari that is Balochi speaking area. He said that Layari is a stronghold of PPPP but it has no objection on operations there. He said that the operation of rangers and police in Karachi is on merit one hundred percent.

KHALID MAQBOOL SIDDIQI OF MQM said that the game plan is that MQM should boycott the election if we are put in jail the people will contest the election. He said that the real motive is that the mandate of Karachi should be divided into different political parties. He said that all the criminals arrested so far are Urdu speaking is only Urdu speaking are criminals and rest are the victim? He said that PTI is allocated the role that was given to PPI in the past.

He said that MQM will lodge a FIR against Imran Ismail on today’s incident.

He said that whenever a jalsa is held in Jinnah Ground the security issue is taken into the account so that the security of the neighbors is not breached.

He said that if PTI wants to hold a jalsa in Jinnah Ground they should have talk to MQM.