15 May, 2015 06:22

Nadeem Malik Live - 14th May 2015http://www.zemtv.com/2015/05/14/nadeem-malik-live-raw-mulk-main-badamni-phaila-rahi-hai-pakistan-14th-may-2015/






GENERAL (R) ATHER ABBAS said that ISI by accusing RAW has delivered the message to the nation. He said that Pakistan knows how to respond to RAW terrorist activities. He said that India has the advantage to use third country Afghanistan for its terrorist activities. He said that Indian motive of terrorism is to spread disappointment and fear in Pakistan. He said that India is also taking the advantage of Balochistan situation. He said that India wants to give this impression to the world that Pakistan is not the country suitable for investments.

He said that when terrorist incidents like Safoora Chorangi will take place no cricket team of the world will tour Pakistan.

He said that corruption, incompetence and political interference are present in the police department. He said that corruption and incompetence in police will take some time to be removed but we can stop political interference right away.

He said KPK police has improved considerably and that can be seen clearly.

He said that there is a clear difference between the performance of the CM of Sindh and o0ther provinces PPPP should bring up some better person for the job. He said that Qaim Ali Shah has been appointed like a family servant to serve the party head of PPPP. He questioned that what CM of Sindh has the capability to lead the operation in Karachi. He said that there is no shortage of capable people in PPPP they should bring some vibrant person as CM of Sindh. He said that interior minister is supposed to give effective policy about the situation in the province but Qaim Ali Shah is keeping that charge to himself too.

SHEIKH ROHAIL ASGHAR OF PML-N said that we have to come out of the intimidation and the fear of the death first. He said that China is having close relationship with Pakistan wants to bring economic stability here but India does not want it. He said that the time has come that the federal government has to save the country.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that India has brainwashed its people that Kashmiri want to live with India but Pakistan is not letting it. He said that the foot soldiers of terrorism are our own but all the indications of patronizing it go towards RAW. He said that he is stating it for many years now that Pakistan is endangered by sectarianism there is no other threat greater than this menace.

He said that the police stations are sold for billion of rupees and this money goes from our pockets.

He said that DGISI General Rizwan told him when he was IG rangers in Karachi that same gun is being used to kill both Shia and Sunni.