3 June, 2015 07:05

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NABEEL GABOL POLITICIAN said that PPPP has not weakened in Sindh but the strategy has been changed. He said that Balawal Bhutto has the ability like her mother Benazir she also joined politics about his age.

He said that PML-N has just detonated oil bomb on the people of Pakistan and there will be more increase in the price in the coming budget. He said that people have nothing to eat but the government is so stupid that is spending billions of rupees on metro bus.

He said that local body election is gigantic than the general elections and quarrels and fights do take place in these elections. He said that the reason to call Balawal back is that the local body elections are going to be held in the province of Sindh. He said that Balawal will visit many cities of Sindh and Punjab provinces.

He said that according to his information Hammad Siddiqi and Uzair Baloch have been arrested and flown back to Pakistan.

NISAR KHORRO OF PPPP said that Nabeel Gabol left PPPP but now he realized that he made a mistake. He said that the winning of confidence of the leadership back is necessary in order to joining back the party. He said that PPPP is not a party of one province only in 2008 elections PML-N was also circumscribed to Punjab only. He said that PML-N has done nothing about unemployment, agriculture and industry in its government of two years of time.

He said that party workers are very important we win elections because of them and party does not win because of us.

SHAHID KHAQAN ABBASI OF PML-N said that PPPP remained in power for five years but people rejected them because of their performance. He said that when PPPP came into power the problems existed at that time were not resolved by them.

He said that LNG is being imported both by the government and the private sector as well. He said that the talks with Qatar to import LNG are underway as the things will be settled the details will be put infront of the people.

He said that denial to women’s right to vote in KPK is their culture but it should be changed now. He said that the administration in KPK failed to properly manage the local body elections there.

He said that there is such information and proof available that RAW is involved in Pakistan.

MIAN IFTIKHAR HUSSAIN OF ANP said that everybody knows that he can never be involved in a case like murder. He said that it was the conspiracy of local PTI leaders to involve him in the murder. He said that local PTI leadership was in contact with their provincial government. He said that it was right to arrest him in the murder case but registering the FIR against him was based on ill will. He said that Imran Khan should take notice of the conspiracy to involve him in the case of the murder.