4 June, 2015 07:12

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KHWAJA MOHAMMAD ASIF OF PML-N said that the COAS reiterated the point of view of nation and the policy of last sixty eight years of Pakistan on Kashmir issue. He said that Pakistan Zinda Bad slogans are being raised, our flag is waved and Tarana is being sung in Kashmir today. He said that Pakistan should fully support Kashmiri’s so that they know that we are standing with them. He said that he support the statement of Raheel Sharif Kashmir is the pivot for the security of Pakistan.

He said that PTV is highlighting the Indian ruthlessness on Cashmeres other channels are content to breaking news only. He said that our media has been turned commercial even breaking news is run for financial benefit.

He said that RAW is involved in Balochistan a Baloch leader has India passport India also flowing money there too. He said that the demand was being made for many years for operation in N Wazirastan now Pakistan is fighting against terrorists there but India is trying to create tension on the borders.

He said that India’s statement that it will reciprocate terrorism with terrorism and thorn with thorn is a clear proof of Indian terrorism in Pakistan. He said that Pak-China corridor could be beneficial for whole region but India is opposing it just because it is going to be paved in Pakistan.

He said that today’s India ideology has wiped out secularism and it has become a chunk of the past.

He said whoever will like to do terrorism in Pakistan India and some other countries will like to support him.

He said that we should also go after the terrorists in cities we have complete intelligence about such people. He said that Madrassas are also supporting terrorists but very few though. He said that other countries are investing money here to continue sectarianism and religious animosity. He said that Pakistan also is raising the issue of funding with friendly countries we know where the money coming from, where is it sitting and told them to stop funding to extremists. He said that the government is going to regularize the foreign funding it should be given directly to the government and not to any religious organization or school. He said that now the government will formally check the countries that are giving funding to the religious organizations.

He said that the legal matters are under discussion to bring back Hammad Siddiqi and Uzair Baloch from Dubai. He said that the government has also raised the issue of the man sitting in London with British government that he is working against Pakistan.

He said that RSS does not like Muslim community any where besides India. He said that whatever language India will use Pakistan will reciprocate it. He said that COAS is right to say that Kashmir is an unresolved issue with India.

MOEEN HAIDER FORMER INTERIOR MINISTER said that General Raheel Sharif gave strong statement on the issues with India according to the policy of the government. He said that the people of Kashmir are not satisfied with the policies of India and have up risen against it. He said that Pakistan was not raising the Kashmir issue on international level for some time because of the dialogue process with India. He said that because of the policies of Narander Modi Pakistan is forced to raise the issue at international level again. He said that Pakistan tried to resolve Kashmir problem according to Shimla pact but Indian intentions are not right.

He said that the whole world knows Modi America denied visa to him but after he became PM they soften their stance. He said that the whole world is watching that Pakistan military is fighting terrorism and offering sacrifices. He said that for years religious extremist groups are working in Pakistan but now there is no room for them. He said that there is very good intelligence information about the terrorists and army chief is determined to wipe them out. He said that in the past the initiative was in the hands of the terrorists but now it is in the hands of Pakistan military. He said that the operation against the terrorists hiding in the cities will continue till the last terrorist is finished.

ABID SHER ALI OF PML-N said that Pakistan is with cashmeres and will continue to support them. He said that India wants to halt the economic stability of Pakistan but we will reciprocate in same language. He said that now the time has come that wherever terrorists are their roots should be cut off. He said that today four of RAW agents have been arrested in Karachi they can kill anybody for money.

He said that India media is running huge campaign of propaganda against Pakistan why our media is not responding. He said that those channels promoting Aman Ki Asha why are they quite now.

He said that we can not leave operation against terrorism incomplete the fight will continue till the last terrorist is alive.