10 June, 2015 10:37

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KHALID MAQBOOL SIDDIQI OF MQM said that Modi statement on the separation of East Pakistan is not a divulgence. He said that Indian role in the separation of East Pakistan is a historical fact. He said that India committed an open aggression in East Pakistan and the whole world is aware of it. He said that because of Modi extremism he was elected the PM of India. He said that it is a good thing that army chief is retorting India but civil government should take the lead.

He said that there should be the law that general elections can not be held as long local body elections take place.

He said that if forms fifteen are not found in the bags either it will create a huge problem. He said that election commission not only have to tell that forms fifteen are not in the bags but also needs to tell that why are not there. He said that if forms fifteen are not found it will make the elections of 2013 controversial.

He said that the Punjab police is behaving it is like the law of the jungle.

SHIREEN MAZARI OF PTI said that Modi is confessing in his statement that India participated in the separation of East Pakistan. She said that it is a strange logic of Modi that he says that India helped separating a country but still is denied Security Council membership. She said that eversince Modi government is in power in India the tension on border is continued. She said that the government has handed over foreign ministry to the military and army chief is responding to India. She said that the military is the part of the state and not the government the policy statement should come from the civil leadership.

She said that Najam Sethi has stated infront of the judicial commission that two weeks prior to the elections the powers were transferred to Model Town and Raiwind from him. She said that Sher Afgan says that no result was received till 12 midnight but Nawaz Sharif made his victory speech at 11:30 PM. She said that most of the forms fifteen of the constituencies are not available. She said that in the constituency of Saad Rafiq fifteen percent extra votes were printed than normal. She said that election commission is promising to present forms fifteen again and again but has not done so as yet. She said that if forms fifteen are not found in the bags instead of blame game responsible should be determined.

She said that in KPK father of a MPA was also arrested besides Amin Gandapur. She said that Punjab police instead of protecting people is killing them by shooting at them.

SHEIKH WAQAS AKRAM OF PML-N said that Modi statement regarding the separation of East Pakistan is shameful. He said that PML-N took the positive step to have good relationship with its neighbors after taking the power. He said that we need a full time foreign minister in the country. He said that the military is the part of the government and army chief is responding to India.

He said that PTI has not even mentioned the blame of thirty five punctures in the judicial commission. He said that judicial commission said to call RO’s but PTI asked to call them next day.

He said that if judicial commission says that systematic rigging is found the government will go home it is a promise of PML-N.