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Sheikh Rasheed in Nadeem Malik Live - 29th July 2015http://www.zemtv.com/2015/07/29/nadeem-malik-live-sheikh-rasheed-special-interview-29th-july-2015/








He said that whenever Nawaz Sharif will leave the government he will do it of his own. He said that he read in a newspaper that general Rizwan gave Nawaz Sharif a pistol as present. He said that Nawaz Sharif always shoot his foot himself.

He said that all the parliamentarians were with Nawaz Sharif during the Dharna but against him in the SC. He said that the government doers not have courage to hold thirty five by elections.

He said that he was not in the favor of talks or judicial commission.

He said that the rigging case in the judicial commission was not fought with full commitment.

He said that Nawaz Sharif is acting wisely to be submissive to the military.

He said that Nawaz Sharif became a leader infront of him and he played a pivotal role in it.

He said that it is unfortunate for Nawaz Sharif that he has ministers like Abid Sher Ali and Saad Rafiq.

He said that he told Imran Khan to distribute KPK land to the poor.

He said that he will pay ten thousand rupees t Khawaja Asif if he could inside GHQ.

He said that Zardari has run away from the country after using abusive language against the military.

He said that he just came back from China and they are very sympathetic to Pakistan.

He said that Imran Khan does not have to run hundred meter race now he has to jump Poll Walt.

He said the first round is over yet and Nawaz Sharif has won it.

He said that the problem has been mismanaged because of delays and dragging it.

He said that he wants to go to jail so he could write a book.

He said that people are defeated and justice has prevailed.

He said that the news of the death of Mullah Umer is very big. He said that first time Pakistan military has facilitated dialogues with Taliban by passing India. He said that America was afraid to start talks with Taliban but the credit goes to Pakistan military for taking the initiative.

He said that American ambassador called him and said that he supports the terrorism.

He said that Syed Ali Gillani is the supreme leader of Kashmir movement.

He said that the news of the death of Malik Ishaq is huge but media did not give it proper coverage.

He said that if the military can have an accountability process of their own they can force to the politicians as well.

He said that general Raheel is doing an excellent job if Nawaz Sharif will try to push the military he will not remain in the office. He said that the military will give full opportunity to the democracy but if the efforts are made to push them against the wall they will take action.

He said that what Zia Ul Haq did in Afghanistan that was the need of the moment.

He said that no one can become a big journalist without the support of the agencies except for handful of people.

He said that Nawaz Sharif contested the election from Tahreek-e-Istaqlal and he lost with a huge margin. He said that Sharif family is business oriented later they invested money through general Jillani and earned a lot as well.

He said that today Sharif family has complete control and only people can break it.

He said that there is bad time of PTI at this moment but Imran Khan is capable come out of it.

He said that Ayyaz Sadiq case is in the court after its outcome Imran Khan can have another opportunity and his popularity can be revived.