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He said that MQM was in the government from 2002 to 2007 and they did a good job. He said that he does not know that MQM has any connection with RAW or not if there is any it should be dug out. He said that he did not know where MQM used to get money but people were donating the money for their party. He said that MQM name has been attached with extortion and terrorism in the whole of Pakistan except for Karachi and urban Sindh. He said that how MQM has to detach their name from extortion and terrorism they have to pay heed to it. He said that operation in Karachi is being carried on against the right people. He said that many big fishes involved in corruption and terrorism have run away from the country. He said that to replace Altaf Hussain at this moment will create a rift MQM should resolve their problems themselves.

He said that the accountability process in the army always continues but remains anonymous because of the media the things are made public.

He said that General Pasha and Zaheer were very good officers but he will not comment if they had any role behind Dharna of PTI. He said that every thing is known in the army and whatever DGISI does is under the instruction of the army chief.

He said that if General Kayani brothers are involved in corruption the matter should be investigated but they have ill reputation that they have done so much corruption.

He said that the cases against him registered by the government are in process in the court. He said that he sitting in his home the government ahs all the power and the final victory will be of the one that is on right. He said that if Shahbaz Sharif and Ch Nisar have done any deal with the army regarding him the question should be asked to them.

He said that the whole army knows him and they all have same views about him. He said that he does not contact with General Raheel to avoid any misunderstanding between him and the government. He said that conspiracies are designed against the army chief in Pakistan he was also conspired against but what army did after that a lesson should have been learned from it. He said that General Raheel is the most popular personality of the country right now and to think any conspiracy against him will be a dumb move.

He said that Afghan situation is not simple it very complicated and we do take some steps there in our national interest. He said that Pakistan do take some steps in Afghanistan on the advice of ISI. He said that ISI is responsible for taking counter measures.

He said that he told India PM that there should be talks on Sir Kareek and Siachin during his visit to Pakistan otherwise his visit will be flat. He said that Indian PM canceled his visit to Pakistan he should have come to Pakistan in response to his visit to India.

He said that Modi attitude towards Pakistan is very aggressive and we should response accordingly. He said that defensive and the attitude of appeasement do not work with India. He said that India keep talking about Hafiz Saeeda and Dawood Ibrahim but people involved in terrorism against Pakistan are sitting in India also.

He said that we can not let down Kashmires and the whole Kashmiri leadership was agreed on the parameters he designed on the issue except of Syed Ali Gillani. He said that we should resolve our problem with India with negotiations but if they are not ready to sit down what can we do.

He said that Akbar Bugti attacked on FC and when they responded he ran away to the mountains and hid there. He said that he did not kill Akbar Bugti but he believes that he committed suicide. He said that there was peace in Balochistan during his government but it could not sustain later.

He said that the talk process with Taliban should continue they are also willing to talk at this moment. He said that there are fifty two percent Pakhtoon in Afghanistan and there can be no peace without them.

He said that he has no ambitions for himself whoever will serve Pakistan he will support him. He said that democracy and dictatorship both belong to the people Pakistan is not on right rack at the moment it is not progressing. He said that he is a resident of Sindh he considers himself Sindhi but he talks about Pakistan.

He said that all the politicians come to meet him at his residence except of PPPP leaders.

He said that PPPP is almost finished PTI is down after a rise and PML-N is circumscribed to Punjab only. He said that there should be a political power that has existence in all four provinces. He said that no one can admire the statement of Altaf Hussain we have no concern with India that is our enemy.

He said that the politics in Pakistan is very dirty may be the dirtiest in the world.

He said that Ch Iftikhar political party will be a tanga party and only a foolish will support him.