11 August, 2015 07:03

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AJAZ AHMED A VICTIM CHILD said that he was sexually abused from 2010 to 2014. He said that the accused physically tortured him took him to their Havali and sexually abused him there after intoxicating him through injection. He said that the accused sexually molested him from ten to fifteen times. He said that the accused used to threaten him that if he will let anybody know they will shoot him.

ALLAH DITTA A VICTIM CHILD said that the accused started sexually molesting him four or five years ago and it continued till one year ago. He said that he came out of his house for Salat-e-Fajar when the accused kidnapped him for sexual molestation.

A VICTIM CHILD said that he has been sexually victimized till 2010 he was intoxicated before the act and also used to give extortion to the accused. He said that he used to steel money from home in order to meet the demand of the accused. He said that the accused used to threaten him for life if he will not give them money.

THE FATHER OF A VICTIM CHILD said that he goes to work in the morning and come back in the evening he did not know about the incident.

THE MOTHER OF A VICTIM CHILD said that she used to protest on the abuse of her son but the accused are powerful and her family is vulnerable. She said that she filed a complaint about the abuse of the children the accused put her house on fire. She said that she went to the police but they did not help her.

TAHIRA ABDULLA SOCIAL WORKER said that the child molesting in Kasur started in 2006. She said that now we have to help the victim children to come out of trauma. She said that she is surprised on the statement of the commissioner of Lahore that the numbers of children abused are not many. She said that one porn video of a child is too much. She said that this child pornography could not go on without the knowledge of the SHO the police was aware of it. She said that pornographic video of the children was being sold in the same village and the parents were blackmailed. She said that we should not get into the number game that how many children were victimized.

ABDULLAH SUMBUL COMMISSIONER LAHORE said that the Kasur incident is being over exaggerated in the media. He said that the number of children victimized in Kasur are not 283 but lesser. He said that the number of the children victimized in Kasur is about sixty. He said that about thirty pornographic videos of the children are available. He said that soon as the police learned about Kasur incident they took the action.

MIAN MAHMOOD U RASHEED OF PTI said that he personally met with the victimized children and their parents their number is much greater than sixty. He said that the police are pressing the parents of the victimized children that they can not prove the case so they should compromise with the accused. He said that when a Youngman Mubeen and some others raised this child pornography issue a case of terrorism was registered against them by the authorities. He questioned that where is CM it is one week since the Kasur incident has been revealed but he has not visit the victims. He said that the police have circumscribed every village of the area and not letting people to register their protest.

MALIK AHMED SAEED OF PML-N said that he learned about Kasur incident through the media. He said that a tough action will be taken against the responsible. He said that the bail of the main accused in Kasur incident has been cancelled and soon he will be arrested.