14 August, 2015 06:32

Nadeem Malik Live - 13th August 2015







FAISAL WADA OF PTI said that PTI rendered their resignations because of the judicial commission issue whereas MQM has done it many times in the past. He said that giving resignations is routine for MQM and Altaf Hussain just said that they are going to take them back. He said that as a Pakistani Imran Khan said that he will like to make Karachi part of Pakistan again and the city of lights. He said that if there is no politics of guns PTI can challenge MQM and give them tough time.

ISHAQ DAR OF PML-N said that the speaker of the assembly has to look at the issue of MQM resignations according to the law and constitution. He said that he told Farooq Sattar that the country is in the state of war there should be no turmoil but their main leader makes their decisions. He said that the Karachi operation will not stop and neither anyone have put the demand for it. He said that Karachi operation is supported by all the political parties including MQM. He said that the operation in Karachi is carried on according to the law. He said that the issues can be resolved with MQM on the table they and the security agencies have different point of view.

He said that there was no compromise on Karachi operation is not and never will be but just demands of MQM will be considered.

He said that the speaker will do his job but PML-N will continue to keep MQM politically engaged.

FAROOQ SATTAR OF MQM said that Ishaq Dar told him that he and his party want MQM to continue to play its role in the parliament. He said that Altaf Hussain has stated that the reasons to resign are more important than the resignations. He said that MQM has presented nineteen demands to the government if they are considered the resignations issue can be also discussed. He said that MQM workers picked from their homes should be presented in the courts according to the law. He said that the issue of the MQM workers killed in extra judicial killing should be resolved. He said that a monitoring committee should be constituted to see that in which direction the operation in Karachi is heading. He said that since January this year 140 MQM workers have been forcibly picked from their homes. He said that some institutions are responsible to bring Altaf Hussain at the current position. He said that Ch Nisar gave us no guarantee of security so we offered our resignations. He said that Altaf Hussain has never said to stop Karachi operation.

He said that if the reasons of resignations are paid heed the resignations will also be discussed.