3 September, 2015 06:06

Nadeem Malik Live (Karachi Mein Aman Ka Qayam Bara Challenge Tha, Nawaz Sharif) - 2nd September 2015http://www.awaztoday.tv/News-Talk-Shows/95264/Nadeem-Malik-Live-Karachi-Mein-Aman-Ka-Qayam-Bara-Challenge-Tha-Nawaz-Sharif-2nd-September-2015.aspx






DR MUSSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that the operation against the corruption will continue it is not against any political party. He said that maximum operations against the corruption are conducted in Punjab.

He said that the terrorism is not going to stop as long their financing is not stopped. He said that accountability will start in Punjab as well. He said that the operation Zarb-e-Azb and against corruption was started with the consent of the federal government.

He said that about thirty people were killed in KPK during local body elections but no one is charged for the crime. He said that PTI talks against the patrimonial politics but has chosen many Town Naizms that are the relatives of the ministers.

SHIREEN MAZARI OF PTI said that PPPP should distance itself from Dr Asim case. She said that the operation against corruption should start in Punjab as well. She said that it can not go on that operation against corruption continue in Sindh but not in Punjab. She said that the video evidence is present of Rana Mashhood taking the bribe but no action has been taken against him. She said that one accused of Model Town Tragedy is rewarded and sent abroad and Rana Sana Ullah has been reinstated as minister again.

She said that election commission should at least confess its mistakes. She said that if election commission will not resign PTI will have no other choice but have a Jalsa.

She said that change has come in KPK a twenty four years ole boy has been elected as Nazim and he is not a relative of any minister.

NAWAB ALI WASSAN OF PPPP said that PPPP has offered great sacrifices for the democracy it supported the government when Imran Khan was at Dharna. He said that PPPP supported the return of PTI to the parliament because it was in the best interest of the country. He said that all kind of operations are being conducted in Sindh and Karachi only they should start in Punjab as well. He said that there is evidence against Rana Mashhood but no action has been taken whereas PPPP minister has been arrested only because of the accusations.

SHAHEEN SAHBAI JOURNALIST said that it is being criticized that operation in Sindh is going on but not in Punjab. He said that the operation against corruption in Punjab should also begin and in his opinion it is going to start now. He said that the corruption in Pakistan has been linked with the terrorism. He said that Zardari has no other choice now. He said that Dr Asim is not important himself he is front man of Zardari.

He said that Scott Land Yard has its own way of investigations they are in Pakistan to collect evidence once they get it they will not spare Altaf Hussain.