15 September, 2015 06:36

Khawaja Asif in Nadeem Malik Live - 14th September 2015http://www.zemtv.com/2015/09/14/nadeem-malik-live-14th-september-2015/






He said that NAB asked him to provide more documents about his petition of Nandipur project in 2012 if there is any. He said that no investigations are underway of last two and half years of Nandipur project and neither anything has been asked to him about it. He said that PM has ordered to Ferguson Company to check out the estimates and expenses of Nandipur project. He said that Nasir Aslam Zahid has been appointed to investigate that why Nandipur project was delayed. He said that Babar Awan was supposed to give his legal opinion on Nandipur project but for one year he did not do anything. He said that he is trained not to shift blame on some one else in difficult times. He said that the decision to run Nandipur project on diesel was made to show that plant was working. He said that he made decision to run Nandipur project on diesel. He said that next year when Nandipur project will be converted to gas system its cost will drop to about five rupees per unit. He said that he Khawaja Mohammad Asif accepts full responsibility of Nandipur project.

He said that anybody in the whole country should be arrested according to the law if he is involved in the corruption. He said that anybody that remained in government in the past has become billionaire. He said that in Islamabad one house costs about hundred million rupees they all should be hold accountable.

He said that he supports Karachi operation but corrupts are in the whole of the country action should be taken against all of them. He said that Qaim Ali Shah supports Karachi operation without his support it was not going to be successful. He said that inquiry of Model Town Tragedy will be conducted as well nobody is above the law. He said that rangers and police have offered lot of sacrifices in Karachi against the terrorists.

He said that MQM is a political party and has its vote bank in the urban areas of Sindh. He said that MQM has to do healthy politics no political party can survive without doing healthy politics. He said that accountability is the life line against the disease of the corruption.

He said that Afghan war was not ours but we owned it now we have to reverse the mistakes of the 80’s.

He said that national action plan is working and its fruits will be produced in about one and half years.

He said that media is a business but it has played a vital role in the nation building. He said that the whole country has taken sigh of relief because of the operation Zarb-e-Azb.

He said that when the relatives of the martyrdom came on defense day he felt that they are great and honorable people. He said that we are safe in our homes and neighborhood because of the sacrifices of our young men.