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CH SARWAR OF PTI said that PTI complaint over and over again about pre-poll rigging the ministers were running election campaign in NA-122. He said that all the resources of federal and provincial government were utilized in NA-122. He said that despite of the all apprehensions PTI participated in the elections for the sake of the democracy in the country. He said that the election process during the day was in order. He said that before presenting the evidence PTI wants to make sure that there is no doubt about it.

He said that there are about one hundred complaints that people were denied the right of the vote in the favour of PTI. He said that PTI wants to make sure that if there was evidence of any organized rigging. He said that many votes are deleted from NA-122 and many are added during the last days of the election in NA-122. He said that PTI will not accuse on the bases of assumption but solid proof.

RANA SANA ULLAH OF PML-N said that this time again the result was the similar to the result of the elections in 2013. He said that the election was held in the presence of the military and CCTV cameras there was no chance of rigging.

He said that the debate is on in the parliament that appointment of the judges only in the election commission is not necessary. He said that many lawyers are well knowledgeable too they can be appointed as well. He said that everybody is talking about over expenses during the election campaign but nobody has filed any complaint against it.

He said that election reforms depend on the future strategy of Imran Khan. He said that Imran Khan should play the role of constructive opposition leader and he is quite capable of it.

SALMAN AKRAN RAJA LAWYER said that if a thumb impression was not clear JC called it a bogus vote. He said that if there was a mistake of one digit in the ID number of the voter that was also considered a rejected vote by JC.

He said that it is not necessary to appoint a judge in the election commission India does not do so. He said that if outrageous money was spent in NA-122 election commission should have taken the notice of it. He said that the credit goes to PTI for raising the issue of form 14 and 15 nobody ever talked about it before. He said that the process of handling the bags and seals was changed in NA-122 it is the reform process in progress.

SHARMEEN USMANI WIFE OF JUSTICE (R) SARMAD JALAL USMANI said that He said that Pakistan desperately needs election reforms. She said that it is not necessary to appoint judges only in the election commission of Pakistan.

She said that normally it asked before appointing the judges that who want to become a judge so justice will be delayed. She said that we need will to correct the things in Pakistan.