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He said that the voter of PPPP in Punjab has been nonexistent and it is party’s fault and he confesses it.

He said that he suggested in the jalsa infront of everybody that Balawal should lead the party and older leaders should step back. He said that PPPP is badly defeated in the elections in Lahore and Okara. He said that PPPP was focused on running the government and did not pay attention to the party. He said that PPPP ministers were cut off from the workers. He said that he believes that Balawal should proceed with a new team and he gave this advice to Balawal as well. He said that his advice to Balawal is to get rid of uncles. He said that PPPP is going to take some further steps besides removing the Punjab leadership and CM of Sindh. He said that it seems that for the time being Zardari will participate in the politics from Dubai.

He said that PML-N is more expert than PPPP not in governance but to make better image of its bad governance. He said that PML-N is better in handling the media, military and judicial establishment. He said that PML-N traditionally is considered more nationalist and patriotic as compare to PPPP. He said that this image of PPPP was developed when there were socialists in PPPP and they were considered pro India and Russia. He said that still PPPP has been considered a left wing party although party has destroyed itself by joining right wing. He said that PPPP is not a left wing party anymore instead it is more right wing part than rights.

He said that he does not believe that president and army chief during PPPP government had any knowledge about the where about of Osama Bin Laden. He said that he does not believe in the statement of Ahmed Mukhtar because defense minister in our country normally does not have any authority. He said that Ahmed Mukhtar his predecessors and current defense minister have no awareness about defense affairs. He said that the military does not take in the confidence to the civil ministers.

He said that Nawaz Sharif tax return in 1994 was zero in 1995 it was rupees 477 and zero in 1996 again. He said that if Nawaz Sharif was not in the bracket of tax then how he made his assets. He said that Nawaz Sharif has so much assets it means he concealed his income. He said that tax is payable even on benami assets. He said that Sharif brothers are blue eyed babies of establishment. He questioned that why CBR or NAB pay attention to Sharif brothers assets. He said that there are different laws for Sharif brothers they are sent in exile from jails. He said that if there would have been corruption during PPPP government as it is now many of ministers were going to be put in jail. He said that if a question is asked to Pervez Rashid about PM tax return instead of giving answer he attacks on you. He said that Nawaz Sharif paid rupees 4.2 million tax this year whereas his tax is four times more than PM. He said that with the blessing of Allah he is a rich man and Allah has blessed him with every thing.

He said that strange kind of allegations have been imposed on Dr Asim. He said that chairman PEPCO Munawar Baseer wrote a letter to Nawaz Sharif and Iftikhar Ch that how Nandipur expenses climbed from rupees 23 billion to 40 and then 57. He said that rupees 57 billion budget for Nandipur was approved in June 1993 and PML-N was in power. He said that so much money has been hampered in the effort to run Nandipur project on fast track. He said that metro bus is also built on fast track. He said that because of the brotherhood both Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif have common interests. He said that even if LNG will not be processed still the government has to pay 272 hundred thousand dollars everyday to the company.

He said that LNG is a huge scandal.

He said that PM only takes CM of Punjab with him on foreign tours the CM’s of Sindh, Balochistan and KPK are ignored. He said that besides foreign tours CM Punjab also sits in the most important meetings of the PM.

He said that he does not know when across the board accountability will take place in Pakistan.

He said that what happened with Kulkarni on the launching of the book of Khursheed Mahmood Qasoori its picture is worth of million words. He said that he praises Kulkarni that despite of the fact that ink was poured on his face he still participated in the launching of the book of Qasoori.

He said that Imran Khan has protected himself because of the NA-122 and PA-147.

He said that the people rejected the candidates of political parties in Okara because of their switching to other parties.