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NADEEM AFZAL CHAN OF PPPP said that PPPP does not believe in making politically victimizing someone. He said that unfortunately during dictatorship and political governments’ people are politically victimized in Pakistan. He said that accountability of political class is on in Pakistan and especially the opposition is the target. He said that Imran Khan should keep transparency in mind while acting against the senator of ANP.

He said that in NA-122 the candidates of PML-N and PTI have spent about one billion rupees on election campaign. He said that many voters in his constituency have been added up who actually belong to other areas.

He said that one of the reasons to hang ZA Bhutto was the atomic program of Pakistan as well. He said that Mirza Aslam Baig has stated that Zardari will be remembered in the history for Gawadar port and Iran-Pakistan gas line project. He said that accountability should be across the board and transparent. He said that PM does not have democratic mind but metro thinking.

He said that during PPPP government PM was going on a foreign tour and PML0-N did not let its people to join the delegation. He said that PPPP PM was also going to represent the country. He said that PML-N expect democratic traditions from political parties when they are in the government but do not follow them when they are in the opposition. He said that if PM will try to make a deal with America he will unable to come back he will stay in exile then.

IMRAN ISMAIL OF PTI said that if there is no transparency in the action against the senator of ANP Nadeem Afzal Chan should identify it. He said that PTI is the only political party that presented its own members for accountability first.

He said that PTI has called APC to shoe the evidence that the votes of other constituencies were added up in NA-122 and some were deleted.

He said that if Nawaz Sharif will take stand on not rolling back the atomic program of Pakistan PTI will support him despite of the all differences. He said that PM should have taken in the confidence to all political parties before going to America.

KHAWAJA IZHAR UL HAQ OF MQM said that whatever action is taken the satisfaction of the people is essential. He said that the MQM stance is that things should be presented with solid evidence. He said that MQM has never supported any convicted person.

He said that the situation of Pakistan is such that wee all should be united and find some solution of it.

SHEIKH ROHAIL ASGHAR OF PML-N said that before acting against the senator of ANP if the party would have been informed nobody was going to have and apprehensions.

He said that the people Imran Khan was depending on in NA-122 are presenting excuses of rigging after losing the election. He said that how can PTI claim that the votes that have been transferred to other constituencies were going to be dropped in their favor.

He said that from ZA Bhutto till today nobody is dare to roll back the atomic program of Pakistan. He said that America has no threat from our nuclear program it is pressing Pakistan for the sake of its allies India and Israel. He said that Nawaz Sharif is going to represent Pakistan in America and not PML-N we all should support him.

MUNIR AKRAM FORMER AMBASADOR said that in his opinion America wants to impose some sanctions because of the nuclear program. He said that America is demanding to stop Pakistan long and short range missile program. He said that in his opinion Pakistan will give a firm reply to America and will not fulfil its demand.