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PERVEZ RASHEED OF PML-N said that there is a so much depth in relationship between Pakistan and America. He said that eight working groups have been formed of both countries and they are working. He said that Pakistan has sacrificed more than it was supposed to be for the peace of the region. He said that when elections held in Afghanistan they thanked us that peaceful elections were not possible without Pakistan cooperation. He said that the peace process in Muree that was initiated by Pakistan has been admired by the whole world.

He said that Pakistan handed over the dossier of India terrorism inside Pakistan to Obama it can not be without enough evidence attached.

He said that political parties keep expressing their views in the parliament all the time. He said that when PM will come back from his visit to America all the information will be shared with the parliament.

He said that finance minister has not gone with PM without any reason he will discuss economic issues with America. He said that John Carry has stated that America will help Pakistan to meet its energy crises. He said that the world is praising operation Zarb-e-Azb and Pakistan economic situation has been improved.

He said that the president of Belarus started his speech during the visit of PM from praising Zarb-e-Azb. He said that Belarus president thanked Pakistan for making the world peaceful.

ATHER ABBAS (R) DGISPR said that according to his information Mullah Umer brother and son have rendered their support to Mullah Mansoor. He said that peace in Afghanistan has been jeopardized because of the different groups there. He said that because of the spat between Afghan groups Taliban succeeded in taking over some areas. He said that Afghan groups are not united whether they want to have talks with Taliban or fighting.

He said that as long the issue of Indian terrorism will not go to the international court of justice India will not accept the evidence and will deny it. He said that had PM taken the parliamentary leaders into confidence before going to America it was going to create a momentum to put pressure on America. He said that Pakistan nuclear program is specific for India because we do not have threat from any other country. He said that the new India strategy is that it will attack first and then galvanize its troops. He said that Pakistan has developed tactical nuclear weapons to counter India new strategy. He said that if India captures a territory in a sudden attack Pakistan will use tactical nuclear weapons against it. He said that India has no answer of our nuclear tactical weapons that is why is making an uproar.

He said that because of the better security situation in the country Pakistan has more space to discuss issues with America.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that when Pakistan PM goes to visit some foreign country then the talk should be on national issues only. He said that after the nuclear deal between Iran and America Pakistan should talk about Iran gas pipe line with America. He said that it would have been better if the PM had taken into confidence to the parliamentary leaders before going to America. He said that there should be some understanding between Pakistan and America on civil nuclear program during the visit of PM.

He said that PM has the best opportunity to shoe the fundamental face of India to the world during his visit to America. He said that the Muslims in India are being told to go to Pakistan.

He said that no journalist can enter into occupied Kashmir the PM should raise the Kashmir issue vigorously.

SHAHEEN SAHBAI JOURNALIST said that America will discuss Afghanistan and Pakistan will discuss India during the visit of PM to America. He said that army chief of Pakistan is going to visit America next week he should have visited before the visit of PM. He said that has army chief visited America before the PM it was going to create understanding on the issues. He said that the things are not finalized yet between Pakistan and America.