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CH PERVEZ ILAHI OF PML-Q said that his party position is strong not only in Gujrat but in other areas as well. He said that DPO is the returning officer and he is the servant of the Punjab government. He said that DPO and DCO not only asking for votes for PML-N but also saying that the promotions depends on the results of the local body elections. He said that many PML-Q workers have been arrested on fake cases of illegal weapons possession. He said that he himself talked to election commission and chief election commission and also have written a letter. He said that DPO is the returning officer and he himself is monitoring the development programs. He said that PML-Q will counter all the tactics and rigging efforts during the elections. He said that people do not like PML-N anymore they do not have realization. He said that PML-N is happy that Imran Khan is taking solo flight of politics. He said that PTI should form alliances and talk to the people that understand the politics of Pakistan.

IMRAN ISMAIL OF PTI said that PTI is not doing solo flight politics it has alliance with JI and Noorani group. He said that PTI makes alliance with the party its program does match. He said that Punjab was the power house of the politics of PPPP before PML-N things keep changing. He said that if PTI can not implement its program it does go for alliance with any political party. He said that he believes that the first step of the local body elections will go in the favor of PTI. He said that mostly the local body contest in Punjab will be between PTI and PML-N. He said that the party has really worked hard in Lahore and hopes that it will win the election in the city. He said that there is a scrimmage going on in PML-N Faisalabad and hopefully PTI will win there.

He said that Naveed Commando has accused Rana Sana Ullah in the custody of Punjab police and police is in the control of PML-N. He said that Javed Hashmi did not accused Imran Khan or PTI for murdering people.

He said that PTI has tried to give tickets to local body candidates of their origin and have good reputation. He said that PTI has support of JI and Noorani group in Karachi.

He said that the results of local body elections in Karachi will not be one sided PTI will win some seats there.

RANA SANA ULLAH OF PML-N said that unanimously the sign of Sher has been allotted to PML-N candidates in Faisalabad. He said that PTI candidates will not take even second position rather than first in the local body elections in Faisalabad. He said that two Jalsas of PML-N were held in Faisalabad yesterday and Bholla Gujjar family was present there. He said that people raised slogans in the favor of Bholla Gujjar and him in the Jalsas.

He said that Javed Hashmi put serious kind of allegation on Imran Khan and PTI as well.