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TALAL CH OF PML-N said that there were two or three occasions when there was possibility to stop Karachi operation under political pressure but one thing is clear that it will continue. He said that first Karachi operation started but later it was included in national action plan. He said that the main challenge for the government is to run the government besides continuing the Karachi operation. He said that military operation is thirty percent solution of the problem other seventy percent will be resolved by police reforms.

He said that MQM is a political reality of Karachi but its military wing must be eliminated. He said that MQM itself has tried to keep the criminal element away from the local body elections as well.

ATHER ABBAS FORMER DGISPR said that Daesh has entered in Iraq, Libya and Yemen and they destroyed military structure there first. He said that organizations like can neither get any space nor any territory in Pakistan. He said that many Taliban came to Karachi as well besides fleeing to Afghanistan. He said that the military and civil administration wants to hold local body elections successfully in Karachi.

He said that the main problem in Karachi is the police reforms the criminal element can hit back.

SHAHI SYED OF ANP said that according to the information same weapons have been used to kill four ranger’s personals that were used to attack on ANP leaders. He said that TTP and some political people are cohering with each other in Karachi.

He said that ANP is told to be careful so how can we go to ask for votes to the people. He said that limitations of the constituencies are incorrect and there are political recruitments in the police in Karachi. He said that if political interference in police is not stopped the criminal element can come back. He said that the master mind behind the criminals is active and alive it should be taken care of.

He said that Sindh provincial government is not capable to handle the operation in Karachi of its own. He said that a Bengali that can speak Pashto is demanding extortion from people in Pashto language.

SHAHEEN SAHBAI JOURNALIST said that MQM is saying that there is a conspiracy to postpone the local body elections whereas PTI and JI are asking to delay them. He said that local body elections in Karachi are going to be held under the supervision of rangers. He said that posters are displayed, speeches are delivered and attacks are being made against the rangers in Karachi. He said that local body elections must be held but criminal element should not use them for their protection. He said that SC said that there is criminal element in MQM is that has been eliminated yet? He said that MQM has to discard criminal element and make an announcement that they have no connection with them. He said that the military and the rangers are conducting the operation in Karachi but there is a political vacuum present in the city.