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ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that rangers are in Karachi since 1989 instead of the strengthening the police it has been politicized. He said that the police stations in Karachi are sold and police officers accept bribes and are appointed for two or three months at one station. He said that the rangers are done with MQM their criminals have been arrested. He said that if the civil side will not take the responsibility the NAB will become as a failure. He said that the action against the corruption and terrorism should be taken in whole of the country and not in one province only. He said that the police needs many years to take the control of Karachi they are lacking of training. He said that if the rangers go away the criminals who have fled the city will come back to Karachi. He said that the rangers that used to be deployed with just one executive order are being made controversial. He said that in the dispensing of the justice Pakistan is at number 98 in one hundred and two countries of the world. He said that good effective law is present but as long it will not be implemented nothing is going to change.

ALI RAZA OF MQM said that we should not talk about Karachi only in regard with law and order the situation in other parts of the country is not very rosy as well. He said that MQM will not join the government of Sindh but will do everything for the betterment of the province.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that in his opinion Asif Ali Zardari will definitely come back to Pakistan on 27th of December. He said that there is no bar on Asif Zardari to come back to the country. He said that the extension of rangers is under discussion PPPP has objection on some issues the limits are being crossed. He said that PM said that things should not go bad keep the issue of the extension of the rangers on hold till he returns from his foreign visit. He said that the CM of Sindh is the incharge of the operation he knows nothing but the interior minister has the video tapes of Dr Asim. He said that rangers should do the duty only it has been allocated the efforts to put in order Railway and WAPDA through the military were not fruitful. He said that it is being said that the whole sage is to protect just one person but in Model Town Tragedy every effort was made to protect one person as well. He said that the issue of the ranger’s extension needs to be resolved through the parliament.

ATIQ MIR OF TRADERS UNITY KARACHI said that about sixty people used to die everyday in Karachi but now peace has been restored because of the rangers. He said that the government should depoliticize the police and arrange their proper training. He said that the rangers have done many things that were the responsibility of the other departments.