17 December, 2015 06:10


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SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that the ranger’s authority has not been reduced in the new resolution of Sindh assembly. He said that the authority rendered by the virtue of the OPA and fight against terrorism to the rangers is intact. He said that CM Sindh wrote a letter to the rangers that where they are crossing the line. He said that crossing the limits by the rangers is neither good for them nor for the Sindh government. He said that PPPP understands that ranger’s operation should continue and reach its ultimate end.

He said that the commitment that was demonstrated in the beginning against the terrorism is not there anymore. He said that perhaps because of the fear the commitment against terrorism is gone now.

He said that people lost their children in APC incident but now we should at least save our future generations. He said that today the holiday in schools was not because of the APC incident but because of the threat of the terrorists.

He said that Imran Khan should come out of the rigging issue and the government of metro bus and they should galvanize the nation against the terrorism. He said that the PM has to eradicate terrorism on priority basis.

TARIQ FAZAL CH OF PML-N said that federal government has reservations on the new resolution of Sindh assembly about rangers. He said that the federal government wants rangers to continue their operation of the previous terms. He said that pick and choose policy will not be productive against the terrorism as it is right now.

He said that buying the phone Sims was so easy but now they are all registered. He said that all the Madrassa in Islamabad have been registered.

He said that PM is going to introduce educational reforms that whole country will follow.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that some reservations on ranger’s operation were expressed by MQM and some by PPPP but overall it is successful. He said that getting permission from CM before the operation is just like to compromising the whole process. He said that PPPP is afraid that the operation against the terrorism might be diverted towards the corruption. He said that the terrorism and the terror financing are connected with each other it is recognized principle in the whole world. He said that saying in Sindh assembly resolution that rangers will act against sectarianism and not against terrorism is beyond his imaginations. He said that Sindh assembly resolution is like the choosing between the good and bad Taliban theory. He said that eliminating terrorism from the authority of the rangers is very dangerous thing. He said that in his opinion the clause of the corruption has been eliminated to have bargaining with the rangers.

He said that the Madrassas are set on the green belts of Islamabad and nothing is being done against them. He said that there is no hurdle in FATA reforms why the federal government is not doing it.

He said that everybody should think beyond their political affiliations that the basic reasons of APC incident have been removed or not yet. He said that unfortunately it seems that on 16th of December next year we will be discussing the same things as we are right now. He said that banned organizations contested the local body elections where is the election commission of Pakistan. He said that civil institutions are so weak if rangers leave then who will fight against the terrorists.

He said that Nawaz Sharif is in power for last thirty years education is not his priority we are still standing at the level of thirty years ago.