24 December, 2015 08:03


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SHEIKH ROHAIL ASGHAR OF PML-N said that Siddique Baloch was not the candidate of PML-N in 2013 elections he contested as independent candidate. He said that the accusations Jahangir Tareen put were on an independent candidate and not on PML-N. He said that he can not understand that why we make elections the question of life and death same is happening today as well.

He said that PTI does not come to the committee for the reforms in the election process but criticizes on TV. He said that election should not be made the question of prestige one person has to win and other loses it is not a war.

SALMAN BALOCH OF MQM said that like NA-122 election in Lodharan is taken as the election in then whole of the country. He said that the looser should go to the winning candidate home and congratulate him.

He said that Jahangir Tareen is right election commission issues the notice on some violation to some one but later apologizes on it.

He said that because of the protocol of one person a baby girl lost her life it should not happen. He said that British PM went to a hospital the doctor told him to leave and he went away. He said that thousand of children died in Thar but many dishes were served in protocol to the leaders. He said that MQM is going to present a resolution against protocol and will play the role of a real opposition.

JAHANGIR TAREEN OF PTI said that the trend of the results is encouraging good news is coming from the rural areas as well. He said that do not congratulate him right now wait for the complete results till 10 O’clock hopefully he will win In Sha Allah. He said that the deployment of the army has made a big difference otherwise we were going to see the bloodshed in the constituency. He said that if he wins it will prove that the last elections were rigged. He said that there was no rigging done on the election’s day today but lot of pre-election rigging has been done.

He said that election commission has been failed if a complaint is filed it does not take action instead it gives dates.

He said that Rohail Asghar is saying that election should be taken like election and not war but it makes difference to people like him rigging is imposed on them. He said that a man contesting election against him whom name is not Jahangir but is allotted the symbol of batsman as Jahangir Khan by election commission. He said that he filed a complaint against Jahangir Khan but election commission said it is too late they have printed the ballot papers now. He said that he offered to the election commission to print new ballot papers and he will bear expenses but they refused. He said that he has decided that he will never go to the election commission again he has no expectation from them.

SARAM BURNI OF BURNI TRUST said that how long these rulers will be imposed on us what is our fault. He said that he is going to high court he does not say that Balawal is responsible for the death of the baby girl let the court decide it.

He said that the government is not giving powers to the rangers he never seen such peace in the city in the past. He said that if there is peace in Karachi then there is no need for protocol and if not then why powers are not being rendered to the rangers. He said that we are human being and not insects we also have life like Balawal and Zardari.

IMRAN ISMAIL OF PTI said that we have gotten used to the protocol all the roads around the hospital were closed. He said that the death of the baby girl has been reported God known how many have not been reported. He said that PPPP did not even expressed humiliation the health minister has said that the death of the girl does not make any difference.