7 January, 2016 06:31






RAO ANWAR SSP MALIR said that the five terrorists killed in Karachi today belonged to the TTP group of Hakim Ullah and Bait Ullah Mahsood. He said that the terrorists fled Karachi when the operation was tough but now they are coming back again. He said that the terrorists killed today belonged to Wazirastan and they were involved in the killing of the police and rangers. He said that the terrorists are regrouping in the out crust of Karachi close to Balochistan border. He said that the terrorists in Karachi are criminal minded and some of the have joined Daesh. He said that CTD has also taken part in an action against the terrorists in Kotri. He said that Daesh is not strong in Pakistan like other countries. He said that the people involved in Safoora tragedy also belong to Daesh. He said that a man that has gone to Syria told the people involved in Safoora tragedy that they should attack the bus.

NISAR KHORRO OF PPPP said that some religious organizations are working with different names after they were banned their mind set continues working. He said that there are few people that belong to Daesh but why even few are there. He said that the government has the force that can eliminate them. He said that there are still Madaras in Pakistan that are not registered yet. He said that if there is any need of legislation against terrorism it should be done at once.

He said that everybody talks about Zardari but when Aftab Sherpao said that he has five hundred thousand pounds nobody noticed it.

SHEIKH ROHAIL ASGHAR OF PML-N said that if someone believes that there is no Daesh in Pakistan he is living in the heaven of fools. He said that the people disintegrated from TTP and Al-Quaeda is joining Daesh. He said that lot bloodshed has been done by the sectarian organizations as well. He said that TTP people are the most dangerous for Pakistan.

He said that if there is any lop hole in the laws of FBR they should be plugged by new legislation. He said that Asad Umer talks beautifully in the talk shows but does not stands with the poor.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that whenever there is time to take decision about terrorism the leadership makes compromises. He said that Musharaf and Benazir Bhutto did the same thing. He said that the people in power are afraid to take any action against the terrorists. He said that no national leader has any coherence with TTP of Daesh ideology. He said that we always talk about Madaras but main acts of terrorism have been committed by the students of normal colleges and schools.

He said that the process of accountability does not move forward because people supposed to apply it are corrupt themselves. He said that Switzerland has penalized their people involved in Kotacna case but we have set them free.

He said that if Imran Khan has done some thing wrong instead of accusing him precede a case against him in the court. He said that powerful in Pakistan is on the top and law is underneath him and poor is underneath the law. He said that he presented a bill for tax audit of the politicians and he was told that FBR has given the details of the tax of the politicians. He said that FGR report only says that a politician has paid his taxes but does not tells how much. He said that there should tax audit of judges, generals, media house owners and anchors in Pakistan.

He said that every matter is discussed in the parliament but nothing is done practically.