12 January, 2016 10:09






TALAL CH OF PML-N said that Pakistan institutions are working on the information provided by India regarding the attack on Pathan Kot base. He said that Pakistan is a responsible country and will not let its land used for terrorism against any country. He said that all the institutions of Pakistan are on the same page with the government against the terrorism.

He said that political parties should also bear some responsibility discard the corrupt and bring new leadership forward.

He said that PML-N people are not doing any thing wrong so the action can not be taken against them. He said that the government is setting big projects but Punjab is being criticized to take the credit away. He said that the poor travel on metro but for only twenty rupees.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that if Pakistan wants to get out of the menace of terrorism it has to put honest efforts to eradicate it.

He said that if MQM or any other institution has any proof of corruption against any PPPP worker it should be brought forward. He said that rangers raided the office of Sindh building authority and if CM said that it was not their jurisdiction there is nothing wrong about it. He said that rangers claim that they have caught the corruption of rupees two hundred and eighty million but where is the proof. He said that PML-N made a big uproar only because the names of their leaders were on the list as nobody has been arrested as yet.

He said that PML-N government is making most expensive electricity, running metro bus as well as the scandals of Sasti Roti and lap top schemes are there too.

He said that it is election commission to release the schedule of the elections and not PPPP. He said that if PPPP had to play with schedule it would have done it in the first step of the local body elections but they are won by MQM.

GHULAM SARWAR OF PTI said that the PM has chaired two meetings on the issue of the attack on Pathan Kot base. He said that the information provided by India is not enough but we have to take the matter of terrorism in to account. He said that the terrorism that is taking place in Pakistan some how India is involved in it we should raise this issue as well.

He questioned if the operation Zarb-e-Azb is for Karachi and FATA only nothing is going on in the rest of the country? He asked that if all the clean people are in Punjab only no corruption is going on there? He said that about one hundred Madrassas are still receiving foreign funding in Punjab.

He said that the PM allotted the contract of two roads in Balochistan under CPEC to the second lowest bidder and caused the loss of six hundred and fifty million to the nation. He said that all the major projects are given to the Turkish firm Albaraka that is a corrupt company.

He said that the operation in Punjab should also be launched under the national action plan. He said that a murderer of one hundred people is walking free in the constituency of Ch Nisar he should give answer about it.

INBISAT MALIK OF MQM said that the operation in Karachi is biased and is going on against MQM only. He said that every body that loves the country will like to take action against corruption because corruption is another form of the terrorism. He said that PPPP is always angry eversince the operation against the corruption started they are very up set. He said that the good society is formed when the evils are removed and corruption is the greatest evil of all. He said that there are big stories of corruption in Sindh.

He said that MQM got great success in the local body elections but now the government is not giving the schedule of special seats. He said that the people trying to join MQM group are being threatened and intimidated.

BRIG (R) AMJAD KAYANI said that Kayani brothers have no link with DHA, Bahria Town or Valley DHA. He said that he served in the military but Kamran Kayani left the military and started his construction company. He said that when Kamran Kayani started his business Pervez Kayani was Major General at that time and we all know that how much influence a major General can have. He said that Kamran Kayani was lucky to get one contract of six hundred million but he does not know that how he got it. He said that the NAB has started the investigations against Kamran Kayani we should not jump to the conclusion. He said that all the Kayani brothers have served in the military and can not even think to do some thing below par. He said that Malik Riaz lives only one hundred yards from his house but he never met him in his life. He said he only saw Malik Riaz on TV once.