28 January, 2016 06:33






ZULFIQAR MIRZA POLITICIAN said that the first head of fisher force was appointed on the recommendation of Sherry Rehman whereas second of Zardari. He said that he has no relationship with Uzair Baloch he was in touch with him to improve the situation in Layari. He said that Uzair Baloch was definitely supplying the weapons to BLA because loads of money was coming to him. He said that Nisar Moray should also be arrested he has fled the country too like Uzair Baloch. He said that Nisar Moray arranged a huge dinner for Faryal Talpur and she is the one helped him to flee the county. He said that it is lamenting that the government was supposed to hold a meeting on the law and order situation in the country but it is done by the military. He said that if that is so then the government powers should be given to the military as well.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that it is pity that even after the tragedy in Charsada PM is out side the country. He said that closing down the schools on the threat of terrorism is just like closing the mobile networks service.

He said that we need to have counter narrative otherwise the recruitment is on in America and Britain too. He said that no clean shaved can give counter narrative we need a person with beard for this purpose. He said that the commitment of the military against the terrorism is visible but not from the civilian side. He said that the twenty points against the terrorism were constituted unanimously in the parliament but the real task is to act upon them.

He said that the security of the children is very important but it is impossible for the government to provide security to every single school. He said that we need to crush all the terrorists secure the country.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that to provide security to hundred of thousands of schools in Pakistan is not possible for the government. He said that targeted operation under the national action plan was one part of it other is fighting with the mind set which has not been followed. He said that fighting with the mind set is not in the power of PML-N because terrorist organizations are the supporters of this party. He said that the menace of terrorism can not be tackled by arresting, punishing and killing the terrorist as long their ideology is not countered. He said that to form the Jihadi the narrative came from American university of Nebraska and huge money was also provided.

He said that the real responsibility is on the shoulder of the one that has the mandate of the country. He said that during the government of his party PML-N used to say that Taliban are our own people.

He said that international powers formed elected and non elected governments in our regions for the sake of their interest.

SHEIKH ROHAIL ASGHAR OF PML-N said that today if the government raids a Madrassa it will be criticized and the media will shoe it live. He said that if the military has held a meeting on the security it is not a big deal it is their responsibility. He said that Ulema can change the mind set but we also need to monitor that what kind of syllabus is being taught there. He said that we are doing leg pulling of each other we need to find some solution together.