4 February, 2016 17:15






RANA SANA ULLAH OF PML-N said that the rangers are always called to help civil force and the civil management. He said that the killed workers of PIA were not in front of the rangers but they were in the middle of the procession. He said that hopefully in next one or two days it will be clarified that who fired the bullets.

He said that all the demands of PIA workers were met they asked not to privatize airline and the government accepted it. He said that the language Khursheed Shah used against the government in his statement was inappropriate. He said that the media humiliated PPPP on its policy of conciliation that they are forced to take tough stance against the government. He said that opposition parties did not say to the PIA workers that they are with them they should not strike and should have dialogues with the government.

MOLA BAKHSH CHANDEO OF PPPP said that a meeting was held last night CM, DG rangers and other agencies participated in it and they said that they did not fire the bullet. He said that the FIR of the dead will be registered and their families are being contacted. He said that Pervez Rasheed and some other ministers of PML-n gave such statements that they instigated the workers. He said that PPPP has stated before that some people around PM are like the petrol cans they always try to ignite the fire. He said that PML-N leaders try to ridicule their opponents they should keep in mind that how their government is surviving.

IMRAN ISMAIL OF PTI said that PTI is not trying to take the advantage of the current situation it is created by the government. He said that Pervez Rasheed said that PIA workers on strike will be treated like enemy and the government did exactly that. He said that PTI already had plans to protest on oil prices not decreased as much as should be.

He said that Ch Nisar himself has stated that there is a Muk Muka between PML-N and PPPP. He said that Nawaz Sharif said that he has best and experienced team he will fix the institutions now where those teams are? He said that the main beneficiary of PIA strike is the air line of one of the cronies of the PM. He said that the PM crony’s air line has increased the fair from Karachi to Islamabad up to fifty thousands rupees.

ASIF HUSNAIN OF MQM said that Pervez Rasheed and other ministers of the government were threatening that if the strike is not called off by the workers of PIA their wings will be cut. He said that whenever PML-N took two third majority it never takes the parliament into the confidence. He said that when someone tries to talk it does go through but the PM was threatening that he will put in jail the workers on strike and will stop their salaries. He said that a FIR should be registered against Ch Nisar as well who is responsible for the blood shed sitting in the back ground.

GENERAL (R) AJAZ AWAN said that the government needs to take ruthless steps to root out the terrorism from the country. He said that the government still talks in the manners of conciliation about the terrorists. He said that the international agencies that are helping the terrorists a protest should be lodged against them internationally. He said that if Afghanistan does not eradicate the sanctuaries of the terrorists in their country Pakistan should for air strike against them. He said that America also has targeted the hide outs of the terrorists in other countries to secure its people.