17 February, 2016 05:48






ABID SHER ALI OF PML-N said that Sharif family tax is often discussed on TV shows Salman Shahbaz has given full details of it. He said that Nawaz Sharif submits his tax details to the election commission if someone has any objection can go there. He said that the government is blamed but nobody presents any evidence. He said that Shafqat Mahmood only named politicians for corruption and has not talked about other people. He said that Nawaz Sharif paid his taxes according to his income and his business. He said that four ministers have been arrested for corruption in KPK but no action has been taken against them as yet. He said that MQM Babar Ghori and Rauf Siddiqi are also involved in corruption their cases should be given to NAB as well.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that Nawaz Sharif did not pay any taxes in 1993-94 and 1996 and paid rupees four hundred and fifty five in 1995. He said that the elite of this country has gluttonized every thing there is no big crime than this. He said that PML-N has written off rupees twenty two billion bank loans in last two and half years in their government. He said that it is so lamenting that political elite has done so much corruption that people’s trust on democracy has been shattered. He said that make a comparison of Nawaz Sharif wealth in eighties and in 2016 and see the difference. He said that writing off the bank loans started from Zia era and Nawaz Sharif name is also included in the beneficiaries.

He said that the government paid rupees 480 billion to IPP’s but no audit has been done of it. He said that the auditor general of the government has said that rupees 190 billion payments to IPP’s are dubious. He said that SC ordered last government of PPPP to proceed on Asghar Khan Case but nothing has been done as yet. He said that Abid Sher Ali father has accused Rana Sana Ullah for nineteen murders.

He said that KPK assembly has unanimously passed the amendment in the NAB ordinance that there should be some evidence before arresting some body. He said that PML-N and MQM are old crooks and have done so much corruption.

ASIF HUSNAIN OF MQM said that people took loans from banks in Pakistan and then written them off. He said that the corruption has been done through big projects as well. He said that soon as NAB started its action against corruption in Punjab it is being threatened. He said that PPPP leaders are saying on TV shows today that they were already saying that NAB is over stepping.