2 March, 2016 10:15






RANA SANA ULLAH OF PML-N said that a high level investigation team has been constituted to probe the attack of Pathankot. He said that it has been decided that now on only foreign ministry will give Pakistan point of view on Pathankot attack. He said that there is no role of Punjab police in the investigations of Pathankot attack it will help only if is requested by the investigation team. He said that if non-state actors are helped by the state then they are not non-state actors any more. He said that non-state actors exist in the whole world.

He said that every Friday Molana gives procession to the people his deliverance and media can play vital role against terrorism. He said that Molana Fazal U Rehman statement of over throwing the government has gotten popular so he is strengthening his point of view. He said that the bill of women rights has been passed by the assembly we asked Molana Fazal U Rehman to give his suggestions for betterment we will accept them. He said that women rights law will be implemented only if the women will complaint against her husband.

He said that required number of the members of the parliament were present at the time of passing the bill of women rights. He said that nobody is against the bill of women rights in the family of Mian Nawaz Sharif.

BARRISTER SAIF OF MQM said that revoking the ID Cards, driving licenses and phone Sims can be effective up to some extent but not completely. He said that as long comprehensive steps will not be taken against the terrorists the situation is not going to change. He said that we need to give counter narrative against the ideology of the terrorists.

He said that he supports the women rights bill because women and children are vastly tortured in Pakistan. He said that women rights bill is not for normal kind of feuds it is for the cases where acid is thrown on the women and they are physically abused.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that women rights bill is a good step his party support it but it will be misused too. He said that Molana Fazal U Rehman statement to overthrow the government is correct because religious people have done so in the past in the name of Nizam-e-Mustafa.

He said that the change does accrue in the society with the passage of time. He said that the religious faction does not accept change they are still trying to teach the children by spanking them.

HAFIZ HAMD ULLAH OF JUI (F) said that the abuse of the women should be stopped but we need to take the right steps to ensure it. He said that PML-N opposed the women rights bill during the government of Pervez Musharaf. He said that Islam says that if the husband and wife fight try to reconcile but according to this bill the husband will arrested. He said that the husband that will be sent to jail will divorce his wife on his return and it will destroy the whole family. He said that it would have been better if Punjab government had consulted the Islamic ideology council or Punjab Ulema Council before passing it. He said that the majority of the PML-N members of the assembly is against the law of women rights and did not come to the assembly to vote in the favor of the bill. He said that he can tell that members of Mian Nawaz Sharif family are also against the law of women rights. He said that it does take place in the Madrassas but in the schools the concept of boy friend and girl friend does exist.