11 March, 2016 06:38







WASEEM AFTAB FORMER MQM WORKER said that MQM used to have huge public meetings in Karachi that they claimed that they are the largest in Asia. He said that today the grip of MQM on Karachi has been weekend they have to beg people to have the gathering of five hundred. He said that Altaf Hussain and MQM are responsible for current situation they are their own enemies. He said that for last three years the members of Rabita Committee are presenting clarifications that what Altaf Husain means what he said in his speech. He said that MQM could have started mega projects in Karachi but it separated from the government and two day later joined again. He said that the decisions of MQM are made by the one who has the authority of hiring and firing. He said that when someone is afraid that people who sacrificed their lives for him will leave him then nothing can be achieved.

He said that many commission s have been formed in Pakistan but without any outcome and no action will be taken against MQM as well. He said that the government is saying that if someone has the proof against MQM he should bring it forward infect they should hold the investigations. He said that he can give his blood for the sake of Pakistan and is ready to take ten oaths for its honor.

He said that all the rumors spread against MQM are not correct some are and some are not. He said that he will try to remove the stain of the blame of agent of RAW on any cost.

TARIQ FAZAL CH OF PML-N said that there is no doubt that MQM has a history in Karachi and Hyderabad cities. He said that MQM is known because of its military wing but it is a democratic party. He said that interior minister has formed a committee on the allegations of Mustafa Kamal and Sarfraz Merchant and its findings will be made public. He said that there is no need to form committee on the allegations like RAW government and the agencies keep working on it.

IMRAN ISMAIL OF PTI said that PTI wants that the government should hold an inquiry against MQM on the allegations of taking money from RAW. He said that if RAW has given money to MQM they also have given their agenda as well. He said that one British councilor told him that MQM offered him to do anything in the city of Karachi. He said that if the government will call him he will testify against MQM.

He said that Waseem Aftab is a gentleman he knows him personally. He said that he often asked Waseem Aftab that what a gentleman like you is doing in MQM.

He said that soon as someone leaves MQM start taking bad about him they should give the names of their ten people they think are good people.

ZULFIQAR MIRZA FORMER PPPP LEADER said that whatever is going on in Karachi he believes it is in the best interest of Pakistan. He said that the people of Pakistan should be happy that the person that was talking to disintegrate Pakistan is being exposed. He said that there is no serious charge against Mustafa Kamal although he was accused of taking over some plots. He said that there were serious allegations on Anees Qaim Khawani but he does not know that how true they were. He said that Dr Sagheer was a very devoted worker of MQM there is no allegation against him and Waseem Aftab they are gentlemen. He said that Sindh government could have gone home long time ago but the federal government is sleepy. He said that a small broom is enough to send Sindh government home.