6 April, 2016 06:31

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He said that Mian Nawaz Sharif has invaded the system of Pakistan election commission, NAB, FIA and police every thing is taken over by him. He said that the preparations are on to win the elections of 2018 and their children are ready to take over as well. He said that man makes one plan and Allah makes another and Allah has made such plan that Mian Sahib is strangled now. He said that Panama Papers are international Mian Sahib can not say that it is done by ISI, RAW or Imran Khan is behind it. He said that one son of Nawaz Sharif has a house in London worth fifty million dollars where this money has come from? He said that Maryam Nawaz says she and her family has no property in other countries whereas Hussain Nawaz said in an interview that Al Hamdu Lillah he owns three companies. He said that Indian Express questioned Hassan Nawaz about his three companies so he thought now media knows about it so he admitted the ownership.

He said that in India a committee is formed to investigate the people whose names are on Panama Papers and the report will be submitted up to the 25 of April. He said that Pervez Rasheed has said in his press conference that Imran Khan has also built his Bani Gala House with tainted money. He said that he sold his flat in London to build his house in Bani Gala. He said that Nawaz Sharif is taking the money of corruption and tax theft to foreign countries. He said that the investigations are on in the whole world after the divulgences of Panama Papers whereas our rulers have shut their eyes like pigeons.

He said that PTI has constituted a committee to pa heed on Panama Papers and he can go to election commission as well. He said that Captain Safdar is in trouble because he did not declare three companies of his wife to election commission. He said that what kind of business the sons of Nawaz Sharif are doing that they have become billionaire now every one knows that Nawaz Sharif transferred his wealth to his sons.

He said that now it is time that election commission, NAB, FIA and Ch Nisar duty to probe the matter. He said that Ch Nisar and chairman of NAB have to decide that they will be answerable to Allah or Nawaz Sharif on the Day of Judgment. He said that he will question the workers of PML-N whether they will still defend Nawaz Sharif they should ask him to declare his assets. He said that election commission should also tell whether Nawaz Sharif has declared his three companies in foreign countries or not. He said that in three years Pakistanis have bought the property in Dubai worth seven and half billion dollars. He said that he will go to the parliament and ask Nawaz Sharif to declare his assets. He said that he will ask to the members of PML-N to speak up their mind now. He said that every Pakistani owes one hundred and twenty thousand rupees in debt at the moment.

He said that he declares his assets and put them on the net he said that the person declares his assets can not avoid paying the taxes. He said that Nawaz Sharif assets are not on his name they are in the foreign banks and are invested in off shore companies.

He said that Pakistan is the country of 200 million people and only seven hundred thousand are paying taxes. He said that the rulers do not pay taxes take loans and ruining the country. He said that SC and other institution should take notice of the corruption.

He said that he will welcome any party that will go along with him on national issues.

He said that the cricket in Pakistan is being run just like the institutions there is no merit. He said that Mian Sahib has become the patron in chief of the cricket so he should take the responsibility of the defeat as well. He said that Najam Sethi who is the election fixer has been appointed as chairman cricket board because he helped Mian Sahib winning the elections. He said that there are two groups in cricket board right now one belongs to Najam Sethi and other to Sheher Yar Khan. He said that Najam Sethi has all the powers in cricket board and Sheher Yar Khan is toothless. He said that appoint Ehsan Mani as chairman cricket board if some one is willing to fix the problems of cricket in the country.