21 April, 2016 06:39







ASIM BAJWA DGISPR said that Chotoo will be handed over to intelligence agencies and will be completely investigated. He said that the action will also be taken the facilitators of Chotoo gang. He said that Punjab government was in denial mode about the “No Go” areas in the province. He said that the “No Go” areas do exist in Punjab that is why the military went for operation in Kacha area. He said that there are some more “No Go” areas and the military will go there as well. He said that he will not name other “No Go” areas as yet so the criminals should not flee from there. He said that a combing operation going to be carried out with a new force that will search for terrorists in vast territory.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that seven police personals have been killed in Karachi it shows that the criminal element still exist in the city. He said that the operation against Chotoo gang and success in it is a satisfying thing. He said that the state of denial is not a good thing PPPP was demanding operation in Punjab from inception. He said that the government was constantly denying that there is no “No Go” area in Punjab. He said that there are “No Go” areas around Lahore as well.

He said that voice should have been raised from the parliament against corruption instead army chief gave his statement. He said that the government should not take the statement of army chief as criticism instead should start accountability across the board. He said that PPPP asked to set an institution for accountability in the COD but Mian Nawaz Sharif was not agreed on it. He said that every name that is name is involved in off shore companies should be revealed to the people. He said that he is saying that ruling class will never let there accountability take place. He said that the government and Ishaq Dar know everything are they waiting for the claw around there neck to be hanged?

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that elimination of “No Go” areas is the part of national action plan. He said that we have to see that how Chotoo gang was formed it did not come to existence over nightly. He said that we also have to see that if the police was in contact with Chotoo gang or not.

He said that the statement of army chief against corruption has given a hope to the people they were really disappointed. He said that army chief statement proves that the state institutions are not performing their duty against the corruption. He said that if the government will introduce any new plan in the parliament against corruption PTI will support it. He said that we should not expect the military to have soft corner against the government regarding corruption they will not like it. He said that the opposition parties now have to come up to common stand on Panama Papers.

MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that the terrorism is the problem of the whole country it should be eradicated. He said that the governments let flourish people like Chotoo gang in the country in last many decades.

He said that not only last eight years but Musharaf also stopped proceedings against corruption during his government. He said that the army chief should have not given the statement against corruption.