27 April, 2016 06:11

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ASAD UMER OF PTI said that there was hope that the government will write a letter to opposition to decide TOR but they did not consult with us. He said that opposition is going to have a meeting on the 2nd of May hopefully they will develop consensus on one point agenda of inquiry of Panama Papers. He said that after developing the consensus on one point agenda opposition will meet the government so that the justice could prevail.

He said that the things are very simple PM just has to tell that how he bought the apartments in London how and when the money was sent there. He said that we do not need any information from the government of Panama Begum Kulsoom Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz has confessed that they own the apartments in London. He said that the investigating commission is authorized under the law of 1956 it can not gather any information required. He said that Nawaz Sharif has not constituted the commission to reveal the truth but to conceal it but he can not get away with it.

SALMAN AKRAN RAJA LAW EXPERT said that there the names of two hundred Pakistanis in Panama leaks and none of them has denied it. He said that the people whom names are in Panama Papers should voluntarily provide the information that how they transferred money abroad. He questioned that can the people whom names are in Panama Papers can morally or politically hide the information? He said that if people do not provide the information voluntarily then we have to go through the law of Panama and British Virgin. He said that the countries like Panama and British Virgin keep the information secrete the inquiry commission will be unable to get any information from them. He said that only the government can extract information from Panama by putting political pressure on the country. He said the opposition parties should have consulted with some law firm of Panama to know that how they can get the information from their country.

He said that there is a clause in the laws of NAB that if someone status does not match with his assets declared he has to justify his wealth. He said that if someone has assets in Panama it was mandatory for him to reveal them to election commission. He said that the commission formed by the government has to investigate how the money was earned and sent abroad before 1993 and that is almost impossible. He said that the government should come forward voluntarily and let the people know that how they bought their assets abroad.

KHURRUM DASTGIR KHAN OF PML-N said that if there is one person that has presented himself for accountability that is Mian Nawaz Sharif. He said that there is no better way than the TOR set by the government for investigating commission. He said that opposition parties do not want the investigations of Panama Papers instead they are doing witch hunt of Nawaz Sharif.

SHAHEEN SAHBAI JOURNALIST said that the government right now is humiliated they are not ready to answer the right questions. He said that the government is trying to politicize the issue of Panama Papers and drag it and there will be no outcome of this case.