4 May, 2016 06:07

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SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that opposition parties are not withdrawing the demand of resignation of PM but want the investigations should proceed first. He said that except for Sher Pao and ANP all other political parties were in the favor of the resignation of PM before the investigations. He said that Talal Ch in a recent TV interview has said that the TRO’s of the government will not change but the government will consider if opposition come up with some constructive suggestion. He said that it seems there will be either government TRO’s or of the opposition parties. He said that the opposition will not back off from its TRO’s either because no commission has come up with any conclusion under the law of 1956. He said that investigation commission under the law of 1956 will have no authority to punish anybody.

He said that Capt Safdar did not mention the offshore companies of Maryam Nawaz in his details of wealth to election commission. He said that there is so much discrepancy in the statements of Hussain, Hassan, Maryam, Kulsoom Nawaz and as well as the leadership of PML-N on offshore companies. He said that morally Nawaz Sharif cannot face the world in the shadow of the Panama Papers alligations.

He said that the government is objecting on the language used by some opposition leaders. He said that CM of Punjab, information minister and other PML-N leaders are using derogatory language themselves.

MUSHARAF ZAIDI POLITICAL ANALYST said that PM should have said on Panama Papers from inception that he apologizes if made any mistake and will hold a clean inquiry of the matter. He said that there will be no outcome of the inquiry of Panama Papers. He said that on the 9th of May some more divulgences are going to be made by Panama Papers and the names of some opposition party’s people can be included in it. He said that the opposition must criticize the government but also should move forward constructively. He said that the PM of Iceland resigned because of the Panama Papers and David Cameron of Britain gave the details of the twenty thousand pound he borrowed from his father. He said that only poor is punished in Pakistan no rich person is ever brought to justice.

TARIQ FAZAL CH OF PML-N said that the names of many countries of the world are included in Panama Papers but Pakistan is the only country that set such a big investigating commission. He said that PTI is trying to make a big deal out of nothing. He said that the PM stated today that if the corruption of single penny is proven against him he will be responsible for it. He said that the doors of the government are open for opposition parties and is ready to have talks with them.

HAMID KHAN OF PTI said that the opposition parties have formed their TOR’s and want the inquiry completed in three months against the PM and in one year against others. He said that the inquiry should be carried out against all those whom names are included in the Panama Papers but it should start from the PM.