5 May, 2016 06:20







SHEIKH RASHEED AHMED OF AML said that nothing is clear as yet he will meet Khursheed Shah tomorrow and will consider the offer of the government of talks. He said that eight opposition parties have constituted TOR’s with their best effort. He said that opposition parties are united on one point agenda of Panama Leaks but whoever is responsible for corruption should be punished. He said that if people from opposition parties are involved in corruption there should be a legal action against them.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that PPPP is saying from day one that legislation should be done against corruption. He said that the initiative should be taken from Panama Papers and then everyone involved in corruption should be questioned. He said that the start should be taken from Panama Papers because the children of PM have confessed that they own offshore companies abroad. He said that if the sons and daughter of PM prove that the money for offshore companies was legitimate and was sent through legal channel there will be no objection left. He said that opposition parties are not demanding that investigation commission should give the punishment. He said that opposition parties are demanding that if the charge is established concerned institutions should take the action. He said that the investigating commission should punish only those who are unwilling to cooperate with the commission. He said that opposition parties have conveyed to the government through their TOR’s that what their questions are and how the investigating commission should proceed.

He said that the PM is considered a roll model for the whole nation if he is accused he should clarify his position at first. He said that the sons of PM have confessed that they are the owners of the offshore companies PM should explain the channel of the money sent abroad. He said that opposition parties have asked the question in their TOR’s whether Nawaz Sharif was a state guest of Saudi Arabia during his exile there. He said that if the gifts he received during his exile as state guest then they belong to the state of Pakistan.

TALAL CH OF PML-N said that the government has not made investigating commission a question of ego instead is ready for talks with opposition parties. He said that PTI sees Maryam Nawaz as a problem because she is going to lead PML-N in the future. He said that the media cell of PML-N is lead by any senior minister present in the PM house at the time. He said that the opposition parties are not interested in the investigation of Panama Papers they are preparing for the elections in 2018. He said that what opposition parties have presented that is not the terms of reference but the term of revenge against Nawaz Sharif.

KHAWAR GHUMAN JORNALIST said that he was never as disappointed from the politician fraternity as he is now after the divulgences of Panama Papers. He said that politicians are using such a obscene language against each other. He said that the government is worries because the children of PM have confessed that they are the owners of the offshore companies. He said that Maryam Nawaz was being germinated in politics Panama Leaks have damaged her reputation a lot. He said that if PML-N will not handle the issue of Panama Leaks wisely it is going to become a big challenge for them in the future. He said that PML-N is needed to take bold steps on the issue of Panama Leaks. He said that Nawaz Sharif should have ordered the investigations of Panama Leaks right away.