10 May, 2016 06:13







ABDUL QADIR BALOCH OF PML-N said that if it is proven that people have evaded the tax or taken the money abroad illegally they should be punished. He said that the PM is negating to give explanation on Panama Leaks infront of the parliament because the demand is being made for inquiry from inception. He said that PTI is sitting with the people it was calling corrupt for 126 days during Dharna and demanding the accountability of the PM. He said that the investigating commissions are not authorized to punish anybody anywhere in the world they find the facts if found the case goes to the concerned departments for the punishment.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that the PM is the leader of the house elected by the parliament he is answerable to the assembly. He said that the opposition has requested to the PM to give explanation infront of the parliament on Panama Leaks. He said that if the PM will not come to the parliament the opposition will continue requesting him everyday.

He said that David Cameron took his parliament in confidence showed them the documents today nobody is demanding his resignation our PM should do the same. He said that Aleem Khan, Jahangir Tareen or anybody else from PTI nobody is above the law. He said that no matter how many PTI worker’s names are in Panama Leaks Imran Khan will never deviate from his stance. He said that if the proof against PTI leaders are found we will sacrifice them individuals are not important infront of the interest of the nation. He said that despite of the evidence no investigating commission has ever punished anybody that is why people do not have any trust on the commissions.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that opposition never said that action should not be taken against those whom names are in the Panama Leaks or corruption even if they belong to opposition parties. He said that PM wants the accountability of everybody after he is under pressure he had all the evidence before the Panama Leaks divulgences about corrupt people. He said that the PM called the meeting of the cabinet after seven months he participated in the session of senate twice and six or seven times in the parliament. He said that if the PM will prove himself clean no matter how powerful someone is will not be able to stand infront of him. He said that the PM wants the accountability of everybody so that the confusion could be created to get away from the accusations. He said that even if seventeen judges of SC sit together according to the act of 1956 nobody will ever be punished. He said that if the corruption is proven against the leaders of PPPP they should be punished just like anybody else.

ALI ZAFAR PRESIDENT SC BAR ASSOCIATION said that there will be no out come of the investigating commission formed by the government because it will be toothless according to the TOR’s of the government. He said that SC will not render its judges for the inquiry they will have no authority. He said that the governments TOR’s have been rejected by the opposition parties and the SC bar association. He said that the commission not authorized in the finding of the facts is useless. He said that SC bar association has presented the government its own version of TOR’s.