26 May, 2016 06:58

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TAHIR UL QADRI said that the American drone attack on Pakistan is worrisome and he will like to see the reaction of the government on it. He said that the government has no foreign minister involved in corruption and an individual is ruling on the country. He said that Pakistan has neither a foreign minister nor a foreign policy. He said that American attack is the failure of all institutions but the government is mainly responsible because they say that they are elected people.

He said that all the neighbors have become enemies of Pakistan the government has no think tank. He said that Pakistan is not a state because the state is not the name of the bricks and walls. He said that the first institution of the state is the parliament but thieves and loan defaulters are sitting in our parliament. He said that the second institution in a state is the executive that include PM to police of the country. He said that Pakistani police kills people and gives shelter to the terrorists. He said that there is no possibility of a regime more corrupt than the current rulers but if it happens people will vote for them because they have no perspective. He said that people in Pakistan vote in the name of jobs and the drainage system in their streets. He said that motorcycles and money is given as bribe to get the votes of the people in Pakistan.

He said that the committee of TOR’s is actually a tearing committee on Panama papers. He said that the real TOR’s committee is PM, Asif Ali Zardari and Molana Fazal U Rehman that is setting TOR’s in London. He said that when the London committee on TOR’s will finish its work then the members of the TOR committee will accept them and one or two will keep protesting. He said that he had debate with most of the opposition parties’ top leadership and they do not accept that they are corrupt. He said that our opposition believes in a different definition of corruption. He said that the government wants buy two or three months using TOR’s committee to drag things.

He said that Pakistan is under debt of twenty trillion rupees. He said that Pakistan will owe another five trillion rupees because of the Cpek project and is printing five billion rupees currency notes everyday. He said that after the budget of this year the total debt of Pakistan will be thirty trillion rupees that is equal to our GDP. He said that when the debt is equal to the GDP the economy of a country collapses.

He said that he hopes that he will be in Pakistan on 17th of June and will take revenge of the martyrdoms of ModelTown tragedy. He said that the FIR of Model Town tragedy was registered on in the interference of Raheel Sharif otherwise nobody was ready to register it. He said that he is expecting that the army s institution will help him to get justice in Model Town Tragedy.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that today the committee on TOR’s has decided that how it is going to work it will have a head or not and is decided that nobody will be the head of this committee. He said that the SC has rejected the TOR’s of the government and opposition TOR’s are more close to the thinking of the SC. He said that the opposition has handed over its TOR’s to the government and has said to inform if they have any objection on it. He said that he believes that within fifteen days the matter of TOR’s will be resolved.