27 May, 2016 06:01

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SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that nothing has been decided on Panama Leaks between the government and opposition but things are moving forward. He said that the letter that SC has written in the response to the TOR’s of the government its suggestions have to be included. He said that the government and the opposition have moved forward but he does not believe that there will be an easy consensus.

He said that PPPP or PTI anybody whom name is included in the Panama Papers action should be taken against him. He said that the TOR’s do not say that punish Nawaz Sharif but spare others.

He said that the way politicians are accused for corruption others are not accused so easily.

SAFDAR ABBASI OF PPP-W said that there is no consensus in the opposition on TOR’s and Imran Khan is not happy that opposition has withdrawn from the demand of the resignation of the PM. He said that he does not believe that formation of the commission after the TOR’s are decided will make any significant difference. He said that Zardari is asking to Balawal to demand the resignation of Nawaz Sharif and he himself is having talks with the PM. He said that Nawaz Sharif has been strangled he should resign.

He said that in his opinion BCCI helped Mian Sahib to set his factory in Dubai.

He said that the name of the politicians have been defamed enough they have to take forward the process of the accountability.

RANA SANA ULLAH OF PML-N said that it is welcomed gesture that the SC has asked to constitute a new law all the commissions have been set under the law of 1956 so far. He said that there will be no legal consequences of Panama Papers inquiry no matter how far the investigations go. He said that eversince Imran Khan’s own company has been disclosed in Panama Papers there is no moral or legal consequences can be achieved.

He said that the reputation of a businessman is his real asset and bank gives him loan on it. He said that when the father of Nawaz Sharif set six factories in eighteen months he was not in the politics.

He said that if the process of the accountability has to be started then accountability institution has to pay heed and constitute a new law. He said that the opposition wants that Panama Papers issue should not be resolved up to 2018 so that they could manipulate it in the next elections. He said that PTI is against the democracy, development and system in Pakistan.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that same TOR’s will apply on him as on Nawaz Sharif. He said that Imran Khan brought his money to Pakistan from overseas there is no tax that he has not paid. He said that it is the right of the nation to know the truth and it is Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif whoever is guilty should be punished. He said that Rana Sana Ullah is wrong to say that bank gives loan on the reputation of the businessman. He said that bank always gives loan on guarantee or pledging of the property.

He said that Nawaz Sharif has accused his father for money laundering by saying that he set a factory in Dubai in 1980. He said that in the 80’s there was no law to take the money abroad without the permission of the government.

He said that according to the law it will be asked to Nawaz Sharif that how he bought the property of billion of rupees in another country.