1 June, 2016 06:10

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MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that the successful surgery of the PM has been completed and is shifted to ICU. He said that despite of the illness of the PM the state affairs continued he chaired the meeting of the cabinet on video link.

He said that if the dead line of the TOR’s is delayed for one or two days because of the surgery of the PM it should not be debated as it is right now.

He said that the government has started a health program for the poor six months ago they go to any hospital for the treatment.

He said that Siraj Ul Haq criticizes others but in his province KPK the loch has been put on the accountability department.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that Nawaz Sharif is the PM of Pakistan thanks to all mighty Allah that his operation was successful. He said that even in the country like America if there is some problem with the president he hands over his authority to someone else. He said that we also have to pass the legislation that in the absence of the executive someone could work in his place.

He said that that is the difference in Pakistan that rich goes abroad for the treatment and poor stays in Pakistan. He said that Abdul Sattar Edhi is being treated in a hospital in Karachi.

He said that PML-N does not answers about the accusations put on it instead start accusing others. He said that the system of the country has been halted because all the decisions are being made by Nawaz Sharif and some members of his family.

SIRAJ UL HAQ OF JI said that he talked to Hussain Nawaz a while ago Nawaz Sharif surgery has been a success. He said that politics and differences one thing but illness is a human problem and anybody can be hit by it. He said that there are twenty billion people in Pakistan it would have been better if everyone is treated here in Pakistan. He said that rich can go for treatment abroad but not the poor. He said that Molana Modudi also went abroad for treatment but he was not a head of the state. He said that the head of the state should be role model for the country. He said that President Mohatir Mohammad fell sick and doctors told him to go abroad for the treatment but he refused. He said that Mohatir said that if he will not trust his own county’s doctors and hospitals the people will not do so too. He said that he hopes that after the heart surgery Nawaz Sharif will build a quality hospital in Pakistan so that nobody has to go abroad for the treatment.

He said that it would have been better if no names from the Muslim world were in the Panama leaks but unfortunately they are. He said that America and other European countries always teach the lesson of honesty to others but they also have places in their countries to hide corruption money. He said that he is not sure that the government will constitute some law to curtail the corruption in the future. He said that most of the people form offshore companies to hide their black money. He said that there should be a system to hold accountable to everyone thorough one window.

AETZAZ AHSAN OF PPPP said that nothing has been done on TOR’s because the government team was busy praying for the health of the PM. He said that the affairs of the state do not stop because of the illness of somebody. He said that the government should have appointed someone else in place of Ishaq Dar in TOR’s committee because he is busy in the budget. He said that he asked TOR’s committee to do some work at least but they refused saying that today the PM is going to have surgery.

He said that if the TOR’s are not decided and the government does not have any agreement it will be very harmful for the government. He said that all the people whom names are included in Panama leaks and their families should be probed.