29 June, 2016 06:33

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FAKHAR-E-ALAM MULTITALENTED ARTIST said that it is the responsibility of everybody to raise the voice for the betterment of Pakistan. He said that he was ridiculed because of raising his voice for the goodness of Pakistan. He questioned that if he can not ask for his security concerns to the government? He said that why our leaders do not move around like common citizens. He said that there is a threat to anarchy in our country and no to the democracy. He said that incompetent people have been posted on high ranks in Pakistan. He said that eleven thousand police personals out of twenty six thousand are designated to the security of the VIP’s in Karachi. He said that he can understand if the security is given to the PM and CM’s but it is provided to those who do not even deserve it as well.

ALI MOHAMMAD KHAN OF PTI said that Fakhar-e-Alam only asked a question to the politicians and he was attacked. He said that we have not done justice to the children of army public school till today. He said that the PM has not visited the families of the martyred students of Charsada University as yet.

He said that there were twenty points of national action plan but we do not even remember them. He said that today the parents instead of going to buy new clothes for their children on Eid go to put flowers on the graves of their children.

He said that our police and army are offering sacrifices but we need a leader that could roar like a tiger and control the parliament.

FAKHAR FAMOUS SINGER said that THE PROBLEMS OF Karachi are deep rooted and are not the responsibility of one individual. He said that politicians like Bashir Bloor, Col; Shuja Pasha were assassinated because of no security. He said that as long we will not stop nepotism, corruption and favoritism we can not bring competence.

MARIA WASTI ACTOR said that artists only have requested to the leaders to give up the security squad of twenty vehicles and move around like common people. She said that Shehla Raza rejected their demand and ridiculed them. She said that the artists work pay taxes and also have the duty to give wake up call to the leaders. She said that the artists do not want protocol they just want security which is their right.

UMER SHARIF FAMOUS COMEDIAN questioned that is this the way to see off the people that love Pakistan like what we did to Amjad Sabri. He said that he told everyone to arrange their own security. He said that our army is stretched it is fighting on the borders as well as in side the country too.