12 July, 2016 07:35

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FAISAL EDHI SON OF ABDUL SATTAR EDHI said that Edhi Sahib used to be very happy if the life of a child was saved. He said he used to be very sad if the dead body of a child was found. He said that the lives of thousands of children including the handicaps are saved because of Edhi Sahib. He said that there is the ratio of nineteen girls and one boy of the children that are left at Edhi center because people want sons instead of the daughters. He said that the girls are considered a burden and sons are given respect in our society. He said that his father told him to carry on his good work and included his signatures in the bank accounts. He said that he can not get the stature of Edhi Sahib but he will try to run the charity on his principles. He said that he has the experience and knowledge of Bheek mission of Edi Sahib and will try to carry on with it. He said that Edhi foundation is being run by his mother and sisters and he helps them. He said that one hundred fifty to two billion rupees budget is required annually to run Edhi Foundation. He said that Edhi Sahib became BD member once and the member of Majlis-e-Shura but he quit because he was unable to serve the people. He said that Edhi Sahib wished to have a strong structure in the country so that every citizen could have health facilities. He said that Edhi Sahib did not go to London for treatment so that the hospitals like England should be built in Pakistan.

BALQEES EDHI WIFE OF ABDUL SATTAR EDHI said that she was working as nurse in Edhi center when she got married with Abdul Sattar Edhi in 1966. She said that most of the children in Edhi center are from Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. She said that Edhi center has found about sixteen thousand children so far and has buried dead children in the greater numbers. She said that Edhi Foundation gives children for adaptation to well off families so that they could take care of the child well. She said that the Foundation keep checking on the child given for adaptation that how the child is being treated.

She said that her mother always advised her to live a simple life. She said that Zakat and tax evaders have given the poverty to our country and they have become the dacoits. She said that Edhi Sahib used to say that one day Pakistan will definitely become a welfare state. She said there re about 1400 homeless women in Edhi centers right now.

She said that Edhi Sahib used to say that do not be afraid of dead it is living human beings that harm. She said that once Edhi Sahib went to London without letting her know to save his life. She said that the people responsible for theft at Edhi center are running their business in Balochistan and Dubai. She said that the people responsible for theft at Edhi center are influential people and nobody can go after them. She said that Edhi Sahib became ill because of the theft at Edhi center. She said that her son is with her and she will continue the mission of Edhi Sahib. She said that Indian PM Modi tried to donate ten million rupees but Edhi Sahib said no give this money to a deaf school in your own country.

She said that if she knew that the Edhi center donation will be looted she was going to put in Panama. She said that she told General Raheel about the theft at Edhi center he wrote it on a paper. She said that two and half KG gold has been recovered because of the DG rangers General Bilal. She said that General Raheel asked her to let him know if there is any thing he can do.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that the mission of Edhi Sahib is huge it should move forward. He said that Edhi Sahib besides his personality built an institution of charity. He said that Edhi Sahib provided the leadership and gave training at the same time to others. He said that Edhi Sahib formed a team so that when he is not alive his mission could continue.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that it was Edhi Sahib’s commitment and will to carry on his good work. He said that he faced many difficulties in his life it was not a rosy way. He said that there are no words in the dictionary to pay tribute to Edhi Sahib. He said that we all should support Edhi Foundation now so that his mission should continue.

RAZA HAROON OF PSP said that the success of Edhi Sahib is infact the failure of the state. He said that the welfare work Edhi Sahib did was the responsibility of the state. He said that once he left the country because his life was threatened.

RANA TANVEER OF PML-N said that state should help Edhi Foundation but most of the charities in the world are run by the individuals. He said that in the current situation Edhi Sahib was the man to present good image of Pakistan to the world.