15 July, 2016 07:10

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SHAHI SYED OF ANP said that Pakistan suffered the most because of no respect for the institutions. He said that forcefully freeing an accused by the brother of the interior minister of Sindh is pitiful.

He said that we are in the state of war we need to bring improvement in police. He said that we need to abolish the political appointments and postings in the police of Karachi.

He said that if our military is an organized institution next army chief will also be like Raheel Sharif and will serve the country.

RAZA HAROON OF PSP said that Pakistan is running on Allah’s will if it moves forward all right otherwise going nowhere. He said that the executive in our country is not doing his duty and it seems like he does not want to perform either. He said that in last four months the TOR’s are not decided and we have to proceed the case of Panama Leaks yet.

He said that there is a system in the developed countries and they are run on that system. He said that we wait till the last day to take decisions why we do not initiate a week before? He said that when the government does not works as the servant of the people that creates a gap which is filled by someone else.

SHARMEELA FAROOQI OF PPPP said that there could be shortcoming in the executive but it does not mean that someone else should do his job. She said that the institutions in our country are not used to work remaining in their domain. She said that PPPP used to say that Iftikhar Ch is doing politics and now he has joined politics.

She said that there were apprehensions in the past to give extension to the rangers in Sindh but not anymore. She said that police in Karachi is also doing a good job. She said that if anything is done wrong the police in Karachi is criticized but not given credit for its good work.

She said that police has reached very close to the murderers of Amjad Sabri and soon they will be arrested.

GENERAL (R) GHULAM MUSTAFA said that not only we do not accept our mistakes but also do not learn any lesson from them. He said that the blame is put on dictators for everything why the democracy did not strengthened itself in last eight years. He said that our political parties go after their political interests and not the national interests. He said that the issue of the extension of army chief should never be discussed its tenure is three years. He said that the debate on the extension of the army chief hearts the institution.

He said that our politicians want every institution should serve their interest and now they want same thing from the military as well. He said that the rangers in Karachi should be given one year extension instead of three months so that they could give better results. He said that the government should keep the politics to political issues and should not bring it in the police and the military.