27 July, 2016 10:35








ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that the martyrdom of Pakistani soldiers in

is the addition of two more soldiers in the long list of sacrifices. He said that few years back five Americans were killed inKarachi
and the American councilate told him that international factors are involved in their killing. He said that American councilate told him at that time that according to their information soon there will be bomb blasts in Karachi that will dig a ten feet deep hole. He said that the American councilate was hinting towards Al-Qaeda andIran

He said that our military is fighting a war but is not being provided the support it should have. He said that all kind of mafias are involved in terrorism in

and getting people murdered. He said that many criminals are being arrested inKarachi
but not prosecuted because of the feeble justice system in our country.

He said that three months extension to rangers does affect the continuity of the operation and also takes long time before allowing the extension. He said that 159 police officers were killed that took part in the operation in the 90’s and MQM said that the relatives of the victims had the right of retaliation. He said that the Sindh government did not take the ownership of the killed police officers and no one was punished.

AD KHAWAJA IG SINDH POLICE said that the fresh attack on the military is executed same way as in 2013 in

. He aid that 2013 attack was also executed in Sadar Karachi. He said that the military vehicle was not frequently roaming in the area it just came there and was attacked because it was a military truck. He said that the people involved in the attack of the soldiers belong to the religious extremist groups. He said that the issue of Amjad Sabri murder is different and is not related to these religious groups. He said that the terrorists are spread in the whole of the country and they have connections with each others. He said that hundreds of operations have been conducted against the terrorists inKarachi
many have been killed and captured.

TALAL CH OF PML-N said that the terrorism has not been eradicated completely because of the operation but has been decreased a lot. He said that the terrorists have the connections with neighboring countries and are being supported financially as well. He said that if the ranger had not the political ownership they were not going to be in

for last twenty five years.

He said that more than half of the

police is deployed to such VVIP’s that are not VVIP’s and are not doing any important job. He said thatKarachi
is attacked from the countries aroundPakistan
as well because weakKarachi
means a weakPakistan

GENERAL (R) GHULAM MUSTAFA said that the coordination we need against the terrorism we are falling far behind it. He said that the operation of ranger’s starts as it catches the momentum it is stopped it should continue. He said that the other factor is the terror financing as long the terrorists will continue to get financial support the terrorism can not be uprooted. He said that the governments are unable to decide that who will lead the NECTA. He said that the people killed the soldiers were professionals and there is no doubt about it. He said that our political leadership needs to pay heed that how much time is required to restore peace in

, Sindh andPunjab
. He said that the ranger’s operation can not continue for indefinite it will be very devastating. He said that we need to make a politics free decision to give extension to the rangers immediately.

SHARJEEL MEMON OF PPPP said that PPPP has decided to change the CM of Sindh in the best interest of the province. He said that the Sindh government never became the hurdle in the operations of rangers, police and the military. He said that Layari is the center of PPPP but most of the operations are conducted there. He said that the performance of the police should be improved and it is being done as well. He said that everyone see a good change Insha Allah after Murad Ali Shah becomes the CM of Sindh.

ARIF MAHMOOD SAMAA REPORTER said that as the military vehicle reached at Sadar the terrorists ambushed at it. He said that the CCTV cameras were shut at the time of the attack. He said that the concerned people say that CCTV cameras are shut when it is the time of the change of the shift. He said that the matter is under investigation.