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SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that on 12th of May MQM was shooting video of the procession wherever it was going. He said that MQM shot the video of fifty or sixty hours but later on showed only those clips in which some PPPP or any other party workers were carrying guns. He said that Pervez Musharaf was equally involved in the incidents of 12th of May. He said that judges were also beaten up on 12th of May and they fled leaving their cars behind but when the case started in the court none of them came to testify. He said that Waseem Akhter has said in a talk show he was also participating that establishment used MQM on 12th of May.

He said that it is the first incident in

that Musharaf was set free in the murder case without appearing in the court. He said that if the incidents like 12th of May and Model Town Tragedy had taken place in PPPP government our people would have been hanged. He said that anyone involved in the incidents of 12th May besides Waseem Akhter should be punished. He said that it is very difficult to investigate 12th of May incident because the people supposed to investigate it are themselves involved in it. He said that it is a fact that Musharaf can not be punished we have different kind of laws for the people of different background and regions.

INBISAT MALIK OF MQM said that Waseem Akhter has written a letter to MQM that the alligations he is being accused for are false. He said that MQM always has the stance that there should be a judicial commission formed to investigate 12th of May. He said that the CM of Sindh belongs to PPPP why they did not constitute a judicial commission for 12th of May. He said that fourteen of MQM workers were killed on 12th of May. He said that 12th of May,

tragedy andAligarh

tragedy should be investigated and the responsible should be punished.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that the state institutions instead of giving protection to the people withdrew on 12th of May. He said that Musharaf should also be questioned about 12th of May it was his personal act and not of any institution. He said that Musharaf has gone abroad now the 12th of May case can proceed in his absence only. He said that there is one law for common people and other for Musharaf.

He said that there will be no justice served in Model Town Tragedy because people responsible for it are sitting in the government.

MUKHTAR KAZIM HUSBAND OF SAMIA said that the statements of the family of Samia do not match with each other. He said some from Samia family are saying that she suicided and some are saying that she was murdered. He said that he was separated from Samia. He said that he has the suspicion of murder on the whole family of Samia they called her with a plan and killed her. He said that Samia mother called her saying that her father is ill and is in the hospital later on when called Samia told him that her father is well and is at home.

NAZ SHAH MEMBER OF HOUSE OF LORDS ENGLAND said that she is told that interior minister of

has taken the case of Samia in his own hands. She said that she hopes that justice will be served in Samia case. She said that she learned through the media that the investigations of murder are underway in the case of Samia inPakistan
. She said that her message is that no one has right to kill anybody. She said that killing a woman in honor is actually a dishonor. She said that we need to learn the commandment of Islam and our beloved prophet that how we need to treat our women.