11 August, 2016 06:56

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YOUSUF BAIG MIRZA FORMER DG PTV said that the tragedy is that in Pakistan state TV is used as the TV of the government. He said that the people of Pakistan pay rupees six billion as license fee the state TV should be used as national TV. He said that during the election in Azad Kashmir the opposition leaders were not shown on PTV.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that he was going to talk about national unity in the parliament. He said that he was not being given permission to talk in the parliament despite of the fact that he was going to talk on Quetta tragedy. He said that the private TV channels should also be allowed to cover the proceedings of the parliament. He said that Sheikh Rasheed addressed to a press conference because he knew he will not get a chance to talk in the parliament. He said that the allies of the government are talking against our own agencies that is lamenting. He said that the CM of Balochistan is accusing India for terrorism in Quetta whereas the allies of the government are talking otherwise. He said that Achakzai brother is the governor of Balochistan he himself is parliamentarian for last four years what they have done for their province so far? He said that if the national security policy is constituted every department will be answerable to it. He said that we failed to convey our point of view on terrorism to the world. He said that Afghanistan is telling the world that the terrorists come from Pakistan and when India talking about terrorism the world listens to them.

FAROGH NASEEM OF MQM said that the direct attack of the lawyers in Quetta is an attack on the brain of Pakistan. He said that it takes sixteen years to become a lawyer. He said that India and Afghanistan are involved in the act of terrorism in Quetta they can not see Pakistan prospering. He said that we should use modern technology to protect our schools and the lawyers’ fraternity. He said that the lawyers should also not mind if they are searched before entering the courts. He said that the government should have a long and short term policy so that Pakistan could talk on its strength with India and Afghanistan.

SARFRAZ BUGTI INTERIOR MINISTER BALOCHISTAN said that three attacks on lawyers have been taken place and a Taliban group named Al-Ahrar is involved in it. He said that RAW and NDS did the planning of the Quetta terrorism act and Taliban carried it out. He said that Balochistan government has the evidence of Indian involvement in the terrorism in the province.

He said that we must ask question to our agencies about Quetta tragedy but he knows that how hardly our forces have restored peace in Balochistan. He said that our agencies have killed so many terrorists in Balochistan.