17 August, 2016 06:27

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ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that when the government wrote the letter to the SC we thought that TORs will be formed but it did not happen. He said that the issue of TOR is strangled on the point that Nawaz Sharif name is not in the Panama Leaks. He said that PTI is now going to Sc to file the petition about Panama Leaks and Shah Mahmood Qureshi will appear infront of the court. He said that it was decided that every party will protest separately but will join together at some stage. He said that one MNA of PML-N told him that the topic to make Raheel Sharif field martial was discussed by PML-N.

He said that he condemns the statement of Indian defense minister and Pakistan PM should reply on it.

SIRAJ UL HAQ OF JI said that the letter that the government wrote to the SC had n reference. He said that no family was mentioned to investigate in the letter of the government to the SC. He said that the government has done nothing on Panama Leaks so far. He said that our government has itself stated that there is two hundred billion dollars money of Pakistanis sitting in the foreign banks. He said that to rally on 3rd of September is the PTI own decision JI is protesting and taking legal action as well.

DR MOSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that going to SC on Panama Leaks by PTI is welcome gesture and PML-N is very happy about it. He said that PPPP will come on the streets to protest but they always care about the democracy. He said that the government has offered to investigate Panama Leaks through FIA.

He said that he can not understand that why people are talking that making Raheel Sharif the field martial was discussed by PML-N. He said that the debate of making Raheel Sharif field martial of Pakistan is laughable.

He said that he condemns the statement of the India defense minister and will like to say that he gave his statement by looking his face in the mirror.

MOLA BAKSH CHANDEO OF PPPP said that if all the opposition parties decide to protest together PPPP will welcome it. He said that PTI has decided to protest of its own and our prayers are with them. He said that the CM of Punjab is not Khadim-e-Ala he has chosen this title for himself of his own. He said that the son of the CM is working like a ruler. He said that you go to any department you will listen the name of Hamza Shahbaz. He said that PPPP wants coherence but Ch Nisar used tough language against them and cursed them.

He said that why the government always reiterates that the military and the government are on one page whereas the military is just one institution of Pakistan. He said that the ministers of the government are afraid now they are not defending their government on TV.